From the twisted mind of Gregor Richards.

This bit of JavaScript code turns any web page into a platformer! You can run, jump, drop through platforms, and double-jump to smash through higher platforms! All of the code is released uner the MIT/X11 license. Works on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and even Opera. IE9 is hit-or-miss, haven't tested on earlier versions.

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar for the epic fun: WebSplat! Use arrow keys or WASD to move. You can crouch (press down) to drop through elements, and double-jump (jump while midair) to jump through elements.

Brony? WebSplat with Ponies!


Some pages I recommend platforming on:


If you want the code or want to make suggestions, the project page is http://codu.org/projects/websplat/.


"This is your life's achievement so far. You're gonna have to try REALLY DAMN HARD to top this. It may be worth considering bringing the game to perfection and then committing suicide so that you don't soil your reputation."


If you don't have a bookmarks bar or otherwise can't copy the bookmark from the above link, just bookmark the following URI: