Gregor's Electronic Music

I've recently started writing electronic music. I've been told most of it has a "video-game-like" style. This kind of music is quick and fun to write, and people seem to enjoy it, so I may be willing to take requests, for instance to create video game music. If you have interest, email me at .

Werewolves of London

A request from the OpenPandora forums. Music for a remake of Werewolves of London. My music is definitely not the same style as the original, but fits the game.

The title theme:

The day theme:

The night theme:


The theme music for SuperTuring, the newest (and best) superhero. Spider-Man may have spider powers, and Superman may have super-strength, but only SuperTuring can solve the halting problem!


Some game background music I wrote for a friend of a friend:

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