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Gregor Richards
Gregor Richards
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I like to pretend that I'm a composer. The result of that pretension is this page, where I put all my compositions. In general I provide audio in Ogg Vorbis, and am also starting to provide MP3s and FLAC files. Firefox and Google Chrome support Ogg Vorbis directly in the browser, and most GNU/Linux systems can play it with no hassle. Other OSes require software to handle Ogg, which you can find at; or you can download the MP3. FLAC is lossless (so high quality), but please don't waste my bandwidth and download the FLAC if you don't actually care about that: If you don't know what FLAC is, you probably can't play a FLAC file anyway.

I also have a small selection of electronic music.

Works in progress

Previews of current works in progress are available here.

Opus 13

Opus 13 is a work in two movements, written in summer-fall 2010.

Movement 1 is titled Nocturne in Three:

Movement 2 is titled Finale in Three:

Opus 11

Written in fall of 2009:

A second recording of it.

I also wrote a string quartet version. It hasn't yet been played, but I've made a recording of it using VSTi's, which sounds alright.

Opus 10

Written in fall 2008 through spring 2009:

Opus 9

Written in winter 2008 (that is, the end of 2008), also known as Variations on Themes Inexplicably Stuck in My Head. Please note that Opus 9 is primarily in MIDI format, since it's for an ensemble I cannot assemble. On most computers, it will sound fairly horrible ... if some intrepid but unwise trio wants to record it and send me a .ogg, that would be fantastic ;)

Opus 8

Written in winter 2006 (that is, the end of 2006):

Earlier works

Opus 7 (Summer 2004): GRegor-op7.ogg
Opus 6 (Circa Late 2003/Early 2004): GRegor-op6.ogg
Opus 5 (Circa Summer 2003): GRegor-op5.ogg


See also my friend Eric Allen's music

(I will not post Opus 4 and earlier ... Opus 4 and 3 are terrible, and Opus 2 and 1 are lost and terrible.)

Opus 8 and later were all created on digital pianos. I have used my previous Yamaha DGX-505, my current Behringer, and the Steinway piano soundfonts available at and to produce recordings. With Opus 12 and later I will endeavor to produce "digital piano rolls", MIDIs of the raw data of my real playing of the piece, as well as recordings in FLAC, OGG and MP3 formats, plus musical notation.

For electronic music not done exclusively on piano, I use several other soundfonts:

Tools I use include my hands, a digital piano (currently a Behringer), GNU/Linux (presently sidux which is based on the excellent Debian), Rosegarden, LilyPond, Fluidsynth, midicomp (for MIDI extraction and debugging) and my own chgvel (for increasing the velocity of notes in midicomp-extracted MIDIs, since my Behringer's output has very low velocities) and depedal (for removing the pedal from MIDIs, which makes them suitable for e.g. the Music Animation Machine).

Creative Commons License
These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.