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09:52:28: <impomatic> Warriors / scores are online http://corewar.co.uk/easter2016.htm
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16:46:14: <bvowk_> Nice discussion here this weekend.
17:09:49: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk_ :-)
17:25:49: <bvowk_> How's it going Met. Congrats on your successful tourny this weekend.
17:26:03: <impomatic> Thanks :-)
17:26:16: <impomatic> Not too bad. Had a hectic weekend visiting family.
17:26:31: <impomatic> I'll be pleased to go back to work tomorrow ;-)
17:26:32: <bvowk_> but still managed to get some CW in :)
17:26:48: <bvowk_> Sadly, those of us living in American worked friday and monday.
17:26:55: <impomatic> Just the tournament. No time for anything else.
17:27:16: <impomatic> Oh :-( Good Friday isn't a public holiday there?
17:28:37: <impomatic> Russia is the place to be. They have 15 public holidays compared to 8 in the UK.
17:29:03: <impomatic> Have you been up to anything interesting?
17:29:45: <bvowk_> Nothing especially noteworthy, I'm still trying to find a new home for my big noisy number crunching machine.
17:30:17: <impomatic> Why not at your house/apartment?
17:31:13: <bvowk_> Because it sounds like a jet engine? :)
17:31:56: <bvowk_> It's a 1u rackmount server, I had it living in a colo facility, but that proved more pricey than I wanted (because it's really power hungry)
17:33:04: <impomatic> Just take it to work and set it up next to your desk. I'm sure no-one will question it :-)
17:33:21: <bvowk_> heh, that would definitely be against policy :)
17:33:42: <bvowk_> and make me the most unpopular guy in the entire open floor plan!
17:35:07: <bvowk_> I'm thinking I might buy another one in a while, that'd be in a quiet workstation chassis
17:35:37: <bvowk_> But it depends on if I get access to the hardware I'd like :)
17:36:25: <bvowk_> I've got a fun idea for a toy deep learning hack tho.
17:36:39: <bvowk_> I did a bit of testing the other week and I think it might work.
17:37:16: <impomatic> Hmmm... remember to code in Asimov's laws.
17:37:29: <bvowk_> I just need to fix some code rot for my testing harness.
17:37:42: <bvowk_> I haven't worked on my nethack bot in a whiel.
17:37:44: <bvowk_> heh
17:38:12: <bvowk_> Let's hope no ethics boards hear that I'm contemplating sending a network into the dungeons of doom.
17:39:00: <impomatic> How about Dwarf Fortress? Could your nethack bot handle it?
17:41:31: <bvowk_> hrm.. likely not without some hacking
17:42:18: <bvowk_> Most of the harness was autogenerated by scraping the output of a huge pile of tournament games and matching the messages and screen positions programatically.
17:42:42: <bvowk_> It's made to play via ssh to remote servers.
17:48:23: <impomatic> Hmmm... there appear to be a few Nethack books (mostly weird novels). Only one Dwarf Fortress book.
17:50:02: <bvowk_> really?
17:57:10: <bvowk_> I had no idea there were nethack novels.
17:58:16: <impomatic> "Vanishing in a Puff of Logic: The Tediously Charmed Life of RegretMeNo(t) the Elven Wizard" and "The Pebsak Strikes Back: The Charmingly Tedious Undeath of ChattyCatty the Pet Lich"
18:44:26: <bvowk_> heh
19:20:59: <bvowk_> Do you play DF?