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13:35:40: <impomatic_> Hi :-)
13:42:26: <impomatic_> I finally got my laptop up and running again. The PSU died at the weekend.
13:44:42: <Doxin> oh damn
13:44:49: <Doxin> impomatic_: always sucks when hardware conks out
13:58:35: <impomatic_> Didn't cost much to buy a new PSU but had to wait 4 days for delivery :-(
14:00:18: <impomatic_> I realised it was going, so I had time to copy everything I was working on to a memory stick.
14:02:38: <Doxin> ah good
16:52:11: * bvowk thinks impomatic needs hardware redundancy.
18:03:39: <impomatic_> I have a netbook as well but it's slower :-(
18:04:38: <impomatic_> I've just received another entry for the Easter tournament. So far there are more new players than old :-)
19:07:08: <bvowk> nice!
19:07:55: <bvowk> I have a small horde of macbooks, and a couple netbooks that I rarely use, and a ruggedized little laptop I use for projects that tend to get dirty and rough.
19:08:58: <bvowk> Although I recently had to get a new macbook because I spilled a rum and coke into the keyboard and it promptly let the magic smoke escape :(
19:09:10: <bvowk> Yaay time machine.