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18:56:42: <bvowk> I'll have to give the easter tourny some time this weekend.
18:57:08: <impomatic> Yay :-)
18:59:25: <bvowk> I've got some bug that's going around my office, and it's raining, so that'll be a good "get your mind off being sick", rainy day type thing :)
19:02:42: <impomatic> bvowk: is there any particular MARS you would recommend to be embedded in other software for ease of use / flexibility? Running zillions of rounds per second doesn't matter too much.
19:02:56: <impomatic> Is there anything worth considering apart from exMARS?
19:03:04: <bvowk> I use PyCorewars for almost everything these days.
19:03:30: <bvowk> I used exmars for a hack I wrote in C a while back.
19:04:09: <impomatic> Thanks
19:04:59: <impomatic> pyCorewars is Python 2.7 only isn't it?
19:07:06: <Doxin> impomatic: translating it to 3.x shouldn't be too hard.
19:07:18: <Doxin> generally you just run it through 2to3.py and do some small fixups
19:09:10: <bvowk> I've only ever used it with 2.7.
19:09:39: <bvowk> Jens has a github for it, so I should try that and maybe file bugs against it for him ;) I'm sure he'll appreciate that right?
19:33:13: <Doxin> hmm
19:43:54: <impomatic> Lol, not sure he has time so I'm sure he'd love bug reports :-)
19:44:13: <impomatic> Lotta people watching the Spanish Core War tournament tonight! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CdRsyo7WIAAfkls.jpg:large
19:47:48: <bvowk> That is a lot of folks.