00:21:08: <bvowk> bleh.
00:50:44: <Doxin> bvowk: sounds like you're not having fun
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18:01:15: <bvowk> Doxin: fun comes and goes :)
18:04:04: <Doxin> I suppose
18:06:16: <impomatic> Hi :-)
18:06:35: <impomatic> I've received a couple of entries for the Easter tournament already!
18:08:10: <impomatic> I hate paywalls :-( I seem to constantly hit them...
18:08:23: <Doxin> paywalls suck
18:09:43: <impomatic> Currently trying to find a copy of "Some game-theoretical aspects of parasitism and symbiosis" by Rapoport (about The Prisoner's Dilemma from 1956, possibly the first paper which mentions it)
18:21:42: <Doxin> neat
19:52:24: <impomatic> Found it. There appears to be a Russian site which hosts papers liberated from behind paywalls :-D
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