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18:25:45: <bvowk> ...
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20:26:02: <impomatic_> Hi :-)
22:42:29: <abyx> has anyone been able to get pMARS running successfully on OS X? I always run into "cannot connect to X server" or some such
22:43:14: <abyx> not exactly sure what i need to do to solve that..... shouldn't X already be running? not exactly familiar with OSX
22:44:05: <Doxin> abyx: osx uses their own flavor of X server
22:44:28: <Doxin> "XQuartz" also known as "X11.app"
22:45:02: <abyx> Hmm, so how can i find out which display to connect to?
22:45:21: <Doxin> dunno about osx but on linux it tends to be :0
22:45:36: <Doxin> try running "DISPLAY=:0 pmars" I suppose?
22:46:04: <impomatic_> abyx: there's an OS X binary here http://www.corewar.co.uk/pmars/pmars-0.9.2-osx.zip
22:46:30: <impomatic_> Not sure if that's with or without the core display.
22:46:53: <abyx> ah, this ran successfully: ./pmars dwarf dwarf -display :0
22:47:03: <abyx> (with the display :D )
22:47:22: <Doxin> nice
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