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17:41:25: <bvowk> hrm.
18:03:39: <impomatic_> Hi Bvowk
18:04:05: * impomatic_ is trying to get Jintori running. It's a Core War style game for the Nec PC98
18:04:24: <impomatic_> Unfortunately I only have an .EXE. No manual and no sample programs.
18:05:03: <impomatic_> And the PC98 emulators I've tried so far only work with disk images and I can't find an option to import files to disk images :-(
18:39:31: <bvowk> Yikes. I don't know if I can help you with that.
18:40:14: <bvowk> Does the emulator read msdos filesystems?
18:40:57: <X-Scale> impomatic_: try the mame/mess guys on #messdev at EFnet
18:41:08: <X-Scale> It runs practically everything
18:56:46: <impomatic_> Thanks bvowk, X-Scale. Gary McKinnon just pointed me to an EditDisk utility.
18:58:37: <impomatic_> Neo's in Madrid for the Spanish tournament :-) https://twitter.com/jlvazpol/status/701791018765705216
19:17:11: <impomatic_> Now I just need to find the original release of Jintori with the manual / examples. It was posted to the fj.binaries.msdos newsgroup (which I can't find on Google Groups)
20:39:55: <bvowk> hrm.
20:43:22: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
20:46:19: <impomatic_> Hi Fizmomaster :-)
20:46:29: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
20:57:03: <impomatic_> Jintori is up and running! Here's a screenshot https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/701872713649016832
21:00:02: <Doxin> looks fancy
21:03:09: <impomatic_> The screenshot reminds me of CoreLife http://corewar.co.uk/corelife.htm
21:06:21: <Doxin> that is pretty similar looking
21:10:57: <impomatic_> Someone is working on a CoreLife KOTH which should be online in a week or so :-)
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21:27:57: <Fizmomaster> cool
21:29:51: <bvowk_> hrm.
21:30:29: <Fizmomaster> but somebody should work on newer emulators of such games
21:30:51: <Fizmomaster> the CoreLife emulator is 23 years old
21:33:12: <Fizmomaster> would be interesting to build an evolver for such a game :-P
21:33:46: <impomatic_> Here's an example of a Jintori warrior http://www.corewar.eu/corepaste/id.php?id=33
21:34:02: <impomatic_> I believe they're also reimplementing CoreLife
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