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18:49:26: <bvowk_> ...
18:49:33: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk_ :-)
18:50:52: <bvowk_> Morning Mr Imp.
18:51:00: <impomatic> How's it going?
18:55:49: <bvowk_> It's going alright.
18:55:58: <bvowk_> I'm still recovering from the long weekend, but it was a good one.
18:56:05: <bvowk_> More coffee is required.
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19:54:13: <bvowk_> What about your Mr Imp?
19:55:10: <impomatic> I'm just working on a bit for my website :-)
19:55:47: <impomatic> And thinking about posting in r.g.c asking for help completing the corewar lexicon on fizmo's site.
19:56:17: <impomatic> If everyone writes a couple of brief entries it'd make a big difference.
19:57:37: <impomatic> I'm thinking about backing my first Indiegogo project :-D http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35591594
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20:28:33: <bvowk_> I've backed a couple.
20:28:51: <bvowk_> I got a slick little postage stamp sized linux on mips wifi machine
20:28:59: <bvowk_> which I have done pretty much nothing with.
20:29:20: <bvowk_> oooo. *THAT* is cool!
20:39:17: <impomatic> I play quite a few Spectrum games anyway. Having one of these would be really neat :-)
21:43:51: <Doxin> this is so neat https://8ch.net/player.php?v=/tech/src/1455568839620.webm&t=bleepboop%20wizard.webm&loop=1
21:49:04: <SentientCrab> "waste of time? I think not" lol
21:51:33: <Doxin> :P
21:53:49: <SentientCrab> have you seen "Elektro Moskva"? it's a russian documentary about synth in soviet russia
21:53:56: <Doxin> I have not
21:54:46: <SentientCrab> pretty good stuff
21:56:11: <impomatic> I like some of the stuff which has been done with printers / disk drives :-) House of the Rising Sun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w68qZ8JvBds Eye of the Tiger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8I6qt_Z0Cg Smells Like Teen Spirit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G081hD0nwWE
21:57:31: <Doxin> impomatic: steppers are a great way to make music :P
21:57:57: <Doxin> the hard-drive in that first one is cute.
21:58:14: <impomatic> I've been meaning to set something up like that myself. (I think there's an Arduino program available which takes midi files and controls the drives)
21:58:58: <Doxin> writing and arduino program that does that should be pretty trivial
22:01:38: <impomatic> Musical Tesla coils would be fun too. There used to be a kit for sale a couple of years ago, not sure if it's still available https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdrqdW4Miao
22:04:02: <Doxin> impomatic: I like how the dot-matrix printer prints a visualisation :P
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