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13:32:24: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
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15:41:11: <impomatic> Hi Fizmomaster
15:53:32: <impomatic> It looks like you've been busy on the hill :-)
15:56:50: <Fizmomaster> yes, I did some work today :-P
15:59:50: <Fizmomaster> 94nop and 94draft look good for me :-D
16:00:32: <impomatic> I need to get another couple of warriors on 94draft so I don't get pushed off completely.
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16:02:51: <Fizmomaster> maybe a p-warrior? :-P
16:03:50: <impomatic> Maybe a strong stone/imp
16:06:14: <impomatic> I'll be announcing a tournament soon, hopefully to attract all the new players from the Spanish tournament
16:06:45: -!- catageek has joined #corewars.
16:57:52: <Fizmomaster> cool, I think you can count me in ;-)
17:07:22: <Fizmomaster> I like the current 94draft ranking, hehe
17:45:29: <impomatic> Fizmomaster: did you notice anything interesting in that Japanese newsletter?
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21:05:54: <impomatic> Are http://labarga.atspace.com and http://corewar.atspace.com down for anyone else? They were working earlier this week.
21:18:34: <Fizmomaster> they work fine for me
21:18:45: <impomatic> Also working here now :-)
22:31:43: <impomatic> Two hall of fame warriors entered the Pizza hill on this day exactly 20 years ago:
22:31:58: <impomatic> http://corewar.co.uk/tnt.htm and http://corewar.co.uk/blizzard.htm
22:32:48: <Fizmomaster> T.N.T. is a great piece of code
22:33:24: <Fizmomaster> when I remember right it uses spy bombs, right?
22:33:31: <Fizmomaster> let me check
22:33:38: <impomatic> MOV STEP,1 bombs
22:34:42: <Fizmomaster> :-D
22:36:12: <Fizmomaster> that reminds me, we should generate a HoF for invented new things
22:36:20: <impomatic> By the way, did you see the info for the Spanish tournaments?
22:36:48: <impomatic> You have to attend to enter :-( Neo is hosting a talk at the first one.
22:36:59: <Fizmomaster> oh yes, I just saw today
22:37:23: <Fizmomaster> glad to see that Roy came up with something new in paper business :-D
22:38:08: <impomatic> It's in Ziggy and scoring pretty well :-)
22:40:41: <Fizmomaster> yes
22:41:04: <Fizmomaster> I guess it's quite similar to Hullabaloo
22:44:01: <Fizmomaster> shogun is an interesting warrior. The imp-launcher is delayed until the bomber endgame startes
22:44:38: <Fizmomaster> so the imps came very late
22:45:28: <impomatic> Delayed with a DJN loop at the top? Or no process there until later.
22:45:39: <Fizmomaster> DJN
22:46:32: <Fizmomaster> djn #0, #76
22:48:13: <Fizmomaster> but somehow it still converts many loss into ties
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