05:20:12: -!- Doxin has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
08:18:49: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
08:19:05: <impomatic> Hi yoR :-)
08:19:16: <yoR> Hi again!
08:29:00: <impomatic> All of your warriors are back in the top 10
08:34:35: <yoR> Yes, now I can safely send an improved version of Dangled :P
08:34:44: <yoR> Restarting the optimizer!
10:34:00: <impomatic> I can imagine your SLT.F trick working well in HSA, oneshots, Blur scanners and Iron Gate style scanners.
11:05:01: <yoR> Have you tried it? I haven't, it is quite tricky to get it to work properly
11:05:13: <yoR> I might try a HSA variation next
11:11:15: <yoR> The big problem is having the skip when not-self, you can't easily inverse this (only by having the ptr on the opposite side of the warrior)
11:37:50: <impomatic> Nice work with Dangled yoR :-)
11:42:04: <impomatic> Agg looks like it might be fairly easy to turn into a HSA
11:52:08: <impomatic> Yay, Silkworm passed age 100. My first to reach 100 for about 9 months.
11:53:46: <impomatic> Although I've had quite a few warriors enter as koth they haven't survived long.
12:00:14: -!- Payhn has quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in).
12:02:21: -!- Payhn has joined #corewars.
12:30:52: <yoR> Scanners, which you excel at, have a shorter life expectancy...
12:42:09: <yoR> The big advantage of SLT.F is that you don't have to check which of the two pointers has the enemy, just bomb both... this doesn't really work for HSA (?)
13:03:15: <yoR> I've send a HSA-SLT.F scanner to the hill, it only has huge problems against RotF-like warriors
13:03:19: <yoR> (unable to kill imps?)
13:04:40: <impomatic> Hmmm :-(
13:05:49: <impomatic> Are you expecting it to enter?
13:07:30: <yoR> Not sure, can't really guess with HSA-like warriors
13:08:03: <yoR> It scores a little better than HSA itself against my warrior
13:08:35: <impomatic> Xenosmilus is a HSA-like scanner :-)
13:09:03: <yoR> This version didn't make it, lets try the smaller one
13:59:10: <yoR> It has evolved a bit further, and it is looking like a fun little warrior now, but doesn't score accordingly :(
14:08:02: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
14:34:41: -!- yoR has quit (K-Lined).
14:37:43: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
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17:50:32: <bvowk_> ...
19:50:27: -!- gb_master has joined #corewars.
21:26:42: -!- gb_master has quit (Quit: Leaving).
22:49:43: -!- randomman has joined #corewars.
22:50:26: <randomman> whats CoreWars?
22:53:21: -!- randomman has quit (Quit: Leaving).
23:08:51: <Doxin> ...
23:36:01: <bvowk_> what's up Doxin?
23:36:30: <bvowk_> Where are you? You're up a little late for Europe?
23:38:11: <Doxin> eh
23:38:18: <Doxin> maybe compared to normal people :P
23:38:28: <Doxin> bvowk_: I'm located in the netherlands
23:38:35: <Doxin> (so awesome, it's plural :D)