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12:20:48: <yoR> I've made so many weird papers today... I must have reinvented the wheel dozens of times, none of the designs seem to be improving anything :-D
13:10:32: -!- impomatic has joined #corewars.
13:11:06: <impomatic> spl 1
13:11:07: <impomatic> spl 1
13:11:09: <impomatic> paper spl pstep1, {src
13:11:10: <impomatic> mov }src, }paper
13:11:12: <impomatic> src mov {paper+4, <1
13:11:13: <impomatic> djn.f @0, }pstep2
13:18:34: <yoR> I'm currently working on this weird thing:
13:18:45: <yoR> pGo mov.i #pEnd , }bStep1
13:18:48: <yoR> mov.i {pGo , <pCopy
13:18:52: <yoR> spl @pCopy , }pGo
13:18:55: <yoR> pCopy spl pStep2 , }pStep1
13:18:58: <yoR> mov.i >-1 , }-1
13:21:02: <yoR> The second copy in your code kinds of expects the line src+2 to be empty.. which fails further on
13:21:40: <impomatic> You could always try booting three copies spaced 2667 apart with imps as the last instruction
13:24:13: <impomatic> src+2 is often emptry :-)
13:25:00: <yoR> It is during the crucial phase, how do you manage the processes when booting three?
14:53:33: <yoR> Ah, I've got it working using a normal paper structure, it is a bit odd, not like the other paper/imps
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20:06:04: <bvowk_> ...
20:12:50: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk :-)
20:15:53: <bvowk_> How's it going Mr Imp?
20:19:09: <impomatic> Not too bad... I'm currently fixing OCR errors for a manual I've just scanned.
20:30:05: <bvowk_> Sounds good.
20:30:53: <bvowk_> I'm eagerly awaiting my one machine to land here.
20:31:08: <bvowk_> It was "Held by a government agency" for a long while.
20:31:24: <bvowk_> I'm hoping that's not something bad ;)
20:45:08: <impomatic> Hmmm... you should wipe the drives and install the OS from scratch :-)
20:51:21: <bvowk_> Naw, if they were going to do that, they'd likely put it in the firmware for the motherboard or the disks.