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09:41:13: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
10:09:03: -!- impomatic has joined #corewars.
10:09:12: <impomatic> Hi :-)
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12:02:24: -!- Payhn has joined #corewars.
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12:23:08: -!- impomatic has joined #corewars.
12:38:56: <impomatic> Only just noticed my 8 line scanner managed to enter the 94nop hill...
12:39:22: <impomatic> I was expecting it to be about 5 points below :-)
13:02:57: <yoR> It kind of is 5 points below (the rest)
14:17:04: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
15:25:02: <Doxin> which madman invented redcode? this is seriously hard to parse
17:02:24: -!- yoR has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
17:16:18: -!- impomatic_ has joined #corewars.
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17:18:27: -!- impomatic_ is now known as impomatic.
17:25:24: -!- LexiciScriptor has joined #corewars.
18:45:20: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
19:42:58: * Doxin shakes impomatic
19:43:06: <Doxin> impomatic: why is parsing redcode so damn hard!
19:43:13: <impomatic> Ouch!
19:43:40: <impomatic> Because of all the pre-processor stuff
19:44:15: <Doxin> it doesn't help that the preprocessor is intermingled with the parser.
19:47:47: <Doxin> I'm getting there though
19:48:00: <Doxin> I've had to rethink things a couple times now, but it seems to be going well so far
19:48:36: <impomatic> Have you got a separate preprocessor / parser?
19:50:55: <Doxin> somewhat
19:51:03: <Doxin> I'm using a parser generator
19:51:22: <Doxin> but as long as I chunk the parsing by instructions it should work fine
19:51:34: <Doxin> where an instruction can potentially span multiple lines
20:13:32: <yoR> Exmars uses the parser from pmars and uses its own simulator/mars after that, very fast
20:13:43: <yoR> Reusing the pmars code makes it easy
20:48:11: -!- X-Scale has joined #corewars.
21:04:31: <Doxin> yoR: the pmars parser is a mess
21:06:16: <Doxin> yoR: the whole point of me writing this parser is to try and get something that's a bit easier to use in other projects :P
23:03:39: <yoR> Yikes... Hulla is haging so low, I might kill it myself with the next warrior :-O
23:04:30: <impomatic> Playing Russian roulette with your own warriors?
23:04:42: <yoR> That's how it goes...
23:05:01: * impomatic watches the hill
23:05:40: <yoR> I submitted a oneshot, so Hulla should be fine...
23:05:47: <yoR> (phew)
23:07:01: <yoR> I'm going to say... 132 points and Kosmos leaves the hill (?)
23:07:24: <yoR> Ah, not even close!
23:07:54: <impomatic> :-(
23:08:12: <impomatic> You should try it on the multi-warrior hill if it's a oneshot!
23:09:50: <yoR> Will do, scored pretty well in my benchmark... oh well, back to the drawingboard
23:25:22: <yoR> At least the multiwarrior hill seems to do well :-P