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14:27:26: <_Will> anyone on?
14:27:36: <_Will> just got some real quick questions
14:27:41: <impomatic> Hi _Will :-)
14:27:59: <impomatic> I'm here for 5 minutes, then going out for about 5 hours :-)
14:27:59: <_Will> aye impomatic
14:28:06: <_Will> aight
14:28:10: <impomatic> How can I help?
14:28:11: <_Will> should take too much
14:29:10: <_Will> I'm pretty experienced in lower-level C/C++, wrote some SPASM/NASM for my TI83/84 in HS, and've just started diving heavily into x86/AMD64 asn
14:29:15: <_Will> *ams
14:29:23: <_Will> I give up on that one
14:29:35: <_Will> so corewars makes a lot of sense, at least to me...
14:30:05: <_Will> buuut all the "tutorials" and stuff don't really give to much away as far as "here, use this sim"
14:30:14: <_Will> any suggestions? redcoder?
14:30:39: <impomatic> I programmed in quite a few asm languages, but there are quiet a few Core War players who've never programmed asm.
14:31:07: <impomatic> pMARS or CoreWin are the most popular. Both pretty easy to use.
14:31:27: <_Will> aight, will try those
14:31:38: <_Will> RCII is abandon/vapor right?
14:31:42: <impomatic> pMARS for the command line, CoreWin for Windows.
14:32:14: <_Will> gotcha boss
14:33:09: <impomatic> Yes, RCII never got released :-(
14:33:32: <_Will> oh :(
14:33:44: <_Will> sucks that the source was never put up
14:34:43: <impomatic> By the way, we're currently working on updating websites, tutorials, etc so if you think something needs some attention just mention it here :-)
14:35:56: <_Will> aight, will do
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17:20:26: <bvowk_> hrm.
17:43:39: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk_
17:44:06: <impomatic> It's looks like that Metaswitch tournament was pretty busy http://sal.discontinuity.info/hill.php?key=msw
18:00:50: -!- _Will has quit (Quit: Something broke).
18:12:21: <bvowk_> That's great :)
18:12:32: <bvowk_> Maybe we'll get some new players.
18:54:20: <impomatic> I hope so :-)
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