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20:55:55: <bvowk_> ..
21:04:36: <Doxin> ohai bvowk_
21:07:25: <bvowk_> what's up Doxin?
21:07:35: <Doxin> nommuch, you?
21:07:56: <Doxin> actually that's a lie. I's hacking blockly
21:12:24: <bvowk_> what are you building with blockly?
21:19:56: <Doxin> well
21:20:18: <Doxin> bvowk_: the plan is to build a bunch of IOT devices. switchable outlets, motion sensors etc
21:20:32: <Doxin> bvowk_: then to wire up which sensor does what blockly seems like a nice solution
21:21:13: <Doxin> especially since it'll compile to a more sensible language
21:26:04: <Doxin> I bet you could get it to compile to redcode too.
21:52:20: <Doxin> bvowk_: so what is a bvowk_ up to?
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