00:11:18: <Doxin> bvowk_: tiny as in small coresize or small run time?
00:12:23: <bvowk_> tiny as in tiny core size
00:15:39: <Doxin> right
00:23:02: <bvowk_> which is both smaller, and runs for fewer cycles.
00:23:18: <Doxin> right, that makes sense
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04:41:24: <bvowk_> which is both smaller, and runs for fewer cycles.
04:41:31: <bvowk_> oops.
06:37:31: <impomatic> bvowk_: about 3000 tiny rounds per second here
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08:04:44: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
08:21:01: <yoR> bvowk_: I've measured with tiny for you as well and on a single core I get around: 4.3K R/s
08:21:58: <yoR> (on my MacBook)
08:23:19: <yoR> I'll try recompiling the Mars with some performance updates, haven't done that in ages (neither have I used -O flags)
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09:02:07: <yoR> Ah, that helps already, 14K/s now (for tiny) on a single core
09:07:16: <impomatic> Wow, that's a big improvement :-)
09:07:38: -!- Payhn has joined #corewars.
09:07:43: <impomatic> 120 points from my Agony-style scanner (no qscan). I might just be able to get it on the hill.
09:07:53: <yoR> 108 for mine :-(
09:08:22: <impomatic> I'm not particularly happy with the switch or the position of the wipe pointer yet. (It's written from scratch)
09:14:11: <yoR> Should have done this ages ago.. so much faster :-/
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10:29:20: <impomatic> I'm a bit happier with the scanner now, but still 2 points away from the hill.
10:29:38: <impomatic> Adding a qscan doesn't help :-(
10:29:59: <yoR> I'm trying a different take on my scanner... maybe it works, probably not
10:30:25: <yoR> Scanners and qscans... that just doesn't seem right, they need the initial speed, qscan and boot makes them slow
10:30:57: <impomatic> I'll try a decoy maker :-)
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12:17:55: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
12:18:07: <yoR> I'm giving up on scanners, it just isn't working for me :(
12:28:16: <impomatic> :-(
12:32:24: <impomatic> Blur and HSA scanners seem to be working well.
12:44:39: <yoR> Seems so, mine get stuck at 108/109 :)
12:46:10: <impomatic> I've just written a Blur from scratch in the last 15 minutes. About to send it to the hill, I'm pretty sure it will enter :-D
12:46:26: <yoR> ... *grumbles*
12:55:27: <impomatic> I've just sent it to the hill. It's .66c classic Blur with no speed trick and SPL #1,1 bombs.
12:56:19: <yoR> ... that name :'(
12:56:30: <impomatic> :-P
12:57:30: <impomatic> I'm predicting 18th
12:58:51: <yoR> I'm predicting 21.
12:59:00: <impomatic> Hey :-(
12:59:52: <impomatic> 15th :-P
13:01:53: <yoR> 17-19 after dat
13:04:18: <impomatic> It'll be 19th. (I just checked the "points given" on the score page for each warrior)
13:07:48: <yoR> I usually just look at the big table, it shows the rounded results
13:08:06: <yoR> (126 for 3 warriors, incl *grumbles*)
13:09:23: <impomatic> The big table always rounds down.
13:43:16: <impomatic> Only 8 points between the top and bottom warriors on 94nop :-( Nothing is safe at the moment.
14:18:45: <yoR> Time to Salvage!
14:20:47: <yoR> Almost killing my own oldest warrior :')
14:38:49: <impomatic> Core War Tournament announced in Spain :-) http://madrid2016.congreso.ritsi.org/corewar/
14:43:58: <yoR> Wow, looks amazing, too bad I can't read it :-D
14:47:09: <impomatic> Use Google translate :-P
14:48:43: <impomatic> Also I know someone who's working on a Core War mobile app, so if you have any thoughts on how to make it work well I'd be happy to pass them on to her.
16:31:54: <yoR> I've wrote my own Agony style scanner, not that good... but it is working, nothing new in it...
16:35:19: <impomatic> Unfortunately you have to attend the conference to enter the tournament in Madrid :-(
16:35:30: * impomatic is watching the hill to see how Agg! scores
16:35:58: <yoR> My prediction? 17th! :-P
16:36:16: <impomatic> I think 21st :-D
16:36:58: <yoR> I mean 117 points
16:37:33: <yoR> Maybe some other constants... sigh
16:41:40: <yoR> Sometimes KOTH is very fast, sometimes it takes ages before a warrior is run..
16:42:34: <impomatic> You should send it to the multiwarrior hill to kick some of my warriors off :-)
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16:59:11: <bvowk_> hrm.
17:34:16: -!- gb_master has joined #corewars.
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17:52:44: <impomatic> From the scores I suspect kensaku is a oneshot
18:13:36: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
19:05:55: <bvowk_> Anyone doing anything exciting?
19:22:39: <Doxin> bvowk_: I'm sitting down. not sure if that counts.
19:45:38: <impomatic> bvowk_: I'm searching for food. I'm pretty sure that counts.
19:52:37: * impomatic looks at the hill and wonders if yoR has given up using ;strategy lines!
21:35:41: <bvowk_> lunch can be exciting.
21:47:48: <Doxin> time is an illusion. lunchtime doubly so.