03:06:42: -!- Doxin has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
05:32:14: <bvowk_> That was before the markov chains.
05:32:50: <bvowk_> I had a ton of machines running that back then, but they didn't add up to much by todays standards.
11:20:37: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
12:00:19: -!- Payhn has quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in).
12:02:26: -!- Payhn has joined #corewars.
13:10:18: -!- verpeteren has joined #corewars.
13:23:08: <impomatic> I'm experimenting with paper/clear/silk-imps... not sure if it's good enough to enter 94nop yet
13:50:11: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
13:51:46: <impomatic> Hi yoR :-)
13:52:18: <yoR> Stop killing my warriors John :P
13:53:11: <impomatic> I'm targeting anything which gives significant points to For John and Hullab3loo :-P
13:53:41: <yoR> I know, boo! Time to do something about it, they're too close to the bottom
13:53:49: <yoR> And you know I have predecessors ready... don't you?
13:54:16: <impomatic> predecessors?
13:54:56: <yoR> Uh! No, the other, postdecessors? :P
13:55:25: <yoR> youngster, infant, baby, toddler, youth, juvenile, minor, kid, nipper, shaver, brat, guttersnipe, sprog, offspring, progeny, descendents!
13:55:39: <yoR> That was the word I was looking for, descendents :)
13:56:29: <impomatic> Hull4beloo? Hullabe7oo? :-)
13:56:50: <yoR> Actually, it is Obiloo :) cross between the two
13:57:14: <yoR> Not really a child... might even be different enough to send it anyway..
13:57:54: <impomatic> Skirmish and Oddity won't last long. I was just experimenting with silk-imps.
13:58:14: <impomatic> Oddity has the silk-imps between the last two silk pairs.
13:58:44: <impomatic> Skirmish is a paper with silk-imps paired with a core-clear paper.
14:04:22: * impomatic would be interested to see how Obiloo scores.
14:15:49: <yoR> Oops, confused, it isn't Obi, I meant that new paper!
14:16:13: <yoR> Obi is the satellite paper, not the new kind of paper I talked about
15:58:01: <yoR> impomatic: I've send something...
16:10:32: <impomatic> Nice work yoR :-) Lots of ties on the hill right now...
16:10:41: <impomatic> It's time to write a new scanner :-P
16:11:11: <yoR> Working on that atm :)
16:48:43: -!- yoR has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
18:01:12: -!- gb_master has joined #corewars.
18:15:18: <bvowk_> greets!
18:17:11: <bvowk_> So, currently, I've been running ~1.5B rounds per second.
18:17:29: <bvowk_> I haven't found any notes for a good estimate on my old speed.
18:19:02: <Doxin> I should get back into redcode evolving
18:36:48: <bvowk_> indeed.
18:38:58: <bvowk_> uh.. 1.5M rounds per second.
18:39:28: <bvowk_> That's an M not a B
18:43:58: <bvowk_> (math is hard)
18:53:31: <impomatic> Hmmm... about 600 rounds per second here!
18:54:12: <bvowk_> I've got a few more computers than you :)
18:54:12: <impomatic> I occasional optimize something for 24 hours. That would take you about 35 seconds!
18:54:50: <impomatic> About 2500x more computing power :-)
18:55:16: <bvowk_> What are you using?
18:55:34: <impomatic> A 5 year old dual core laptop.
18:55:51: <bvowk_> pmars?
19:03:14: <impomatic> exmars - the 64 bit binary linked from r.g.c. a few months ago.
19:26:41: -!- verpeteren has quit (Quit: Leaving).
19:38:10: <bvowk_> That's still a much bigger differential than I'd expect.
19:38:27: <bvowk_> Althought I guess the power of the laptop cores is really limited compared to the full sized cores.
19:39:16: <bvowk_> my quad core 3Ghz laptop is about the speed of 1 core of my 12 core Xeon
19:39:27: <bvowk_> (for corewar)
19:39:34: <impomatic> T4300 dual core 2.1GHz
19:41:33: <bvowk_> My dual X5460 3.2Ghz box does about 53K r/s
20:03:42: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
20:20:14: <bvowk_> 12 cores of E5-1650 v3 @ 3.50GHz = 249K r/s
20:21:45: <bvowk_> Hey Roy.
20:24:45: <yoR> Yo
20:50:27: <bvowk_> what's up roy?
21:03:00: <yoR> Trying some stuff, scanner-wise, the hill needs more scanners
21:15:16: <bvowk_> Any luck?
21:15:24: <bvowk_> How many R/s do you run? :)
21:23:11: <yoR> I have no idea... lets measure
21:24:49: <yoR> On a single core about 1K r/s, but I usually have 8 cores running, so around 8K r/s
21:25:05: <yoR> But it depends greatly on the warriors
21:25:58: <impomatic> Grrrrr... that beats my 300 r/s per core :-(
21:29:48: <yoR> I'm using a custom exhaust version (with my own wrapper) and I'm running it on a hefty MacBook Pro
21:58:16: * impomatic is trying to write an Agony style scanner.
22:58:27: -!- gb_master has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
23:34:43: <bvowk_> I should note, that I'm running tiny rounds, not standard rounds.
23:34:49: <bvowk_> Which is likely why there is a huge difference.
23:50:53: <yoR> Ah yes, that does explain quite a lot :)