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08:28:48: -!- yoR has joined #corewars.
08:47:10: <impomatic> Hi yoR :-)
08:47:35: <yoR> Hiya
08:49:47: * impomatic notes that nothing beats Obi Wan Quinoa by more than ~3 points
08:51:34: <yoR> Just wait until I tweak it some more :P, then you can remove the last 25 characters
08:51:44: * yoR gets cocky!
08:53:07: <yoR> It can use a little more aggression I think, getting a bit more points, less ties
09:31:30: -!- verpeteren has joined #corewars.
09:32:05: <yoR> Damn you 'For John'... ruining the party..
10:39:13: -!- fluffy has joined #corewars.
10:39:37: <fluffy> Bonjour!
10:39:38: <impomatic> Hi Fluffy :-)
10:41:09: * impomatic is trying to make a version of Sputnik for the tiny hill, but SAL is a bit slow sending back the results :-(
10:42:32: <fluffy> impomatic: I don't want to be here. Damn you and your email!
10:44:50: <impomatic> :-P
10:59:06: <impomatic> Did you notice vamps have made a comeback? There are a couple of strong vamps on the 94nop hill, a vampire/imp on the '88 hill and even a vamp on the tiny hill :-)
11:03:24: <fluffy> Not yet. Is the code of the warriors already published?
11:09:47: <yoR> I've started a new try at something resembling an evolver... first thing I'm going to do it take every warrior on the Koenigstuhl and look at what makes a warrior a warrior, for example, what are the most common lines of redcode?
11:10:00: <yoR> Turns out you need quite a lot of dat $0, $0 :)
11:18:04: <yoR> Hmm, qscans mess that up a bit, those lines have a very high frequency, but I don't have the illusion I'll be evolving a qscan :-D
11:18:28: <yoR> Does anyone happen to have 1000+ warriors with qscans stripped? :')
11:28:44: <impomatic> fluffy: the 94nop vampires are all linked from here http://corewar.co.uk/vampire.htm
11:30:34: <impomatic> Tiny vampires: https://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/TINY/HILL/tinynosfinal.red https://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/TINY/HILL/bloodlust.red https://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/TINY/HILL/Burning_Desire.red
11:31:17: <impomatic> '88 vampire/imp: https://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/88/HILL/elementaldust2.red
11:31:46: <impomatic> yoR: not here, but it would be interesting to benchmark them all without a qscan.
11:33:42: <impomatic> bvowk_: SAL appears to be stuck :-(
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