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07:49:45: <impomatic> bvowk_: nothing else stands out yet. I read a couple which appeared to be about an AI, but one was secretly being controlled by someone and the other was possessed.
11:45:04: -!- gb_master has joined #corewars.
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15:13:39: <impomatic> bvowk_: have you got copies of any of the score surfaces images? I only have a couple here :-(
15:55:42: -!- impomatic_ has joined #corewars.
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15:56:37: -!- impomatic_ is now known as impomatic.
17:49:36: <bvowk_> maybe..
17:49:43: <impomatic> :-)
17:50:01: <bvowk_> remind me what the others were named?
17:50:30: <impomatic> Filenames *surface.png and *diff.png I think
17:56:16: <bvowk_> right.
18:04:28: <bvowk_> It looks like no :(
18:06:03: <impomatic> Not to worry, thanks for checking.
18:06:14: <impomatic> Hopefully Jens will still have a few.
18:08:03: <impomatic> Here's one that I found on my backup drive a few months ago https://twitter.com/xcorewar/status/613263554708439040
18:14:50: <bvowk_> Nice :
18:14:54: <bvowk_> :) even.
18:15:14: <bvowk_> I actually might have a copy, but I need to check an offline backup drive. I'll make a note to do that tonite.
18:18:29: <impomatic> I've heard from the owner of that Japanese Core War newsletter. He's offered to send a scan and Fizmo has offered to translate it :-)
18:19:19: <bvowk_> awesome :)
18:38:34: <bvowk_> your twitter is pretty interesting.
18:38:44: <bvowk_> That's not quite enough to get me to open an account yet tho ;)
18:40:51: <impomatic> That's just the Core War twitter :-) I have a personal one too https://twitter.com/john_metcalf
18:41:32: <impomatic> I put all the programming / gaming stuff on there instead of Facebook so I don't bore my family with it :-)
19:54:30: <bvowk_> Stop trying to convince me, I already waste enough time on the intertubes ;)
19:57:09: * impomatic too. But it's not so bad now I've made a few rules for myself. 1) don't read the comments 2) don't watch viral videos 3) don't click obvious click bait :-D
20:18:09: <bvowk_> heh
20:18:24: <bvowk_> Yeah, I really try hard to avoid the comments, sometimes they're pretty rage inducing.
20:18:37: <bvowk_> Especially around the latest round of Canadian elections.
20:45:53: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
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