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18:49:57: <impomatic> Hi :-)
18:50:09: <impomatic> Have I missed anything? Logging is still down :-(
18:57:00: <bvowk_> heya
18:57:07: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk
18:57:37: <impomatic> Look at this! I'd love to get hold of the one on the left https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CW2K0SBU8AAnoM2.jpg:large
19:02:16: <bvowk_> Is that from a story about CW?
19:04:10: <impomatic> It's the newsletter of the Japanese Core Wars Society from the mid 80s. The other two are newsletters from the ICWS (which I have already)
19:07:10: <bvowk_> Sounds pretty awesome.
19:07:47: <bvowk_> How have your holidays been?
19:08:04: <impomatic> Hectic :-/ How about you?
19:08:42: <bvowk_> Pretty quiet. I worked for a bit of it because I was on call, drove up to SF yesterday to spend the night at a friends place, and nursed some hangover ;)
19:08:55: <bvowk_> er.. drove up to SF Saturday rather.
19:09:28: <impomatic> Also, awful broadband service over the last few days :-(
19:09:57: <bvowk_> :(
19:10:02: <bvowk_> Nothing worse than broken internets.
19:10:07: <impomatic> But thankful we're not flooded here. A lot of areas in the mid / north UK are flooded.
19:11:05: <impomatic> Whoops. Sent a DAT 0 to view the hill and it killed the oldest warrior :-( http://koth.org/lcgi-bin/current.pl?hill94m
19:11:39: <impomatic> It's been on the hill for almost 10 years and got pushed off by a DAT :-(
19:12:00: <bvowk_> unexpected.
19:12:28: <bvowk_> I guess when it's your time, it's your time? :(
19:52:43: <Doxin> yikes
20:03:27: <bvowk_> What's up Doxin?
20:03:43: <Doxin> I just read the dat thing
20:15:53: <bvowk_> How were your holidays?
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20:37:44: <impomatic> Reset the router to hopefully improve the net connection
20:37:50: * impomatic is currently reading The Adolescence of P-1 with When Harlie Was One to follow...
20:38:23: <bvowk_> I really enjoyed the Adolescence of P1.
20:38:42: <bvowk_> Although I had to work to get a copy.
20:55:14: <impomatic> I'm slowly working my way through as many 60s/70s novels with AIs / viruses that I can find.
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22:04:10: <bvowk_> Anything else stand out?
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