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14:13:51: <impomatic> Hi Roy :-)
14:14:49: <royvanrijn> Just signed in to an embedded freenode chat client thingy, decided to join this channel as well ;)
14:14:58: <royvanrijn> Just to see if people still use it
14:17:37: <impomatic> Still some activity :-)
14:17:53: <impomatic> Mostly bvowk and Doxin recently.
14:18:32: <impomatic> I was wondering whether to post to r.g.c to arrange a chat about the next tournament (early next year)
14:21:39: <impomatic> I'm opening a shop on corewar.co.uk by the way (unless I get any objections).
14:22:07: <royvanrijn> What can we buy?
14:22:19: <royvanrijn> Shirts? Unpublished warriors?
14:24:19: <impomatic> I was thinking of physical games related to Core War or programming games. E.g. Android Netrunner, Code Master and Robot Turtles
14:24:39: <impomatic> Examples: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321947650649 and http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321942524867
14:25:16: <impomatic> I've been selling a few on eBay until I get chance to set up the shop. (I'm very busy at this time of year)
14:25:33: <impomatic> I haven't got stock of Android Netrunner yet.
14:25:37: <royvanrijn> Oh! My daughter (3yo) build her first robot last friday, of course I helped a little, but she did an awesome job! Handled the screwdriver like a pro
14:26:04: <royvanrijn> This is amazingly cool: http://www.makeblock.cc/starter-robot-kit/
14:26:08: <impomatic> I think I saw a photo somewhere :-) If it's a kit please can I have a link
14:26:12: <impomatic> Aha, thanks :-)
14:26:15: <royvanrijn> (got it as a gift a year ago)
14:26:27: <impomatic> Maybe a birthday present idea for James...
14:26:52: <impomatic> Back later. I'm just about to finish work for the day :-D
14:27:18: <royvanrijn> It contains everything you need, incl tools. When screwed together it works out of the box if you connect the right ports (no documentation on that).... also, next you can fire up Arduino IDE or even Scratch so they can program it! My daughter is still too young
14:29:00: <impomatic> I need to learn Scratch because James will be using it at school
14:29:48: <royvanrijn> No need to learn, just let him explain it to you ;-)
14:29:56: <royvanrijn> (good lesson for him as well)
15:48:50: <royvanrijn> @impomatic: http://royvanrijn.com/blog/2015/12/makeblock-robots-for-kids-an-adults/
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