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18:24:58: <bvowk> ....
18:26:56: <Doxin> ohai bvowk
20:21:45: <bvowk> what's up?
20:22:04: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk, Doxin :-)
20:22:43: <impomatic> Do you think it would be a bit cheeky if I added a shop to corewar.co.uk?
20:24:31: <impomatic> Just linked from the bottom of the homepage. Not mentioned anywhere else.
20:29:37: <bvowk> All the cool kids are selling merch.
20:29:48: <bvowk> I'll get me a corewar hoodie or something.
20:30:30: <impomatic> Hmmm.... I thought of that but I want to ship the stuff myself, not pay someone else to print it up and dropship.
20:31:35: <Doxin> impomatic: I wouldn't mind
20:31:47: <Doxin> impomatic: just try and not do evil things with the money I guess :P
20:32:03: <impomatic> I was thinking about Robot Turtles (a programming board game for kids), Code Master (a programming puzzle), Android Netrunner (a collectable card game)
20:32:36: <impomatic> Doxin: well some of the money would go to tournament prizes :-D
20:32:50: <Doxin> oh my
20:33:02: <Doxin> I should get into corewars a bit more again
20:33:35: <impomatic> Next tournament should be in February :-)
20:35:09: <bvowk> w00t
20:35:13: <impomatic> I already have stock of Robot Turtles and Code Master. Working on Netrunner and looking for more ideas. Has to be (at least tenuously) related to Core War or other programming games.
20:39:38: <Doxin> impomatic: how many people participate in these tournaments?
20:42:19: <impomatic> Doxin: I think the last three I organised had 8, 10 and 13 players. (Each was allowed two entries)
20:42:38: <Doxin> I see
20:45:42: <Doxin> anyone know a good mars for on linux? I've been using corewin through wine for a long-ass time now, and I'd rather have something native.
20:46:27: <impomatic> Only pMARS if you manage to compile it.
20:46:47: <impomatic> It's a pain to compile with the graphics support. (At least I thought so)
20:48:42: <Doxin> man that interface looks like it's a pain to use too
20:52:16: <Doxin> well, time to resume work on this mars I'm writing then I guess
20:52:26: <bvowk> pmars and exmars?
20:52:34: <bvowk> I've never really used a graphical interface tho.
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21:25:56: <Doxin> man, redcode has too many little exceptions
21:51:21: <bvowk> oh?
22:09:18: <Doxin> 19 opcodes, times 7 modifiers, times 8 addressing modes, times another 8 addressing modes. that's 8512 different instructions :P
22:10:36: <Doxin> I'm having serious trouble finding an elegant way to implement all this