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18:42:35: <bvowk> ...
18:45:48: * Doxin shakes bvowk vigorously
19:20:22: * bvowk is visibly shaken.
19:20:27: <bvowk> What's up?
19:20:38: <bvowk> How's your bot rolling?
19:22:30: <impomatic_> Hi :-)
19:24:38: <impomatic_> How about a nice game of tic-tac-toe?
19:26:20: <impomatic_> Is there anything we can do to stop Skybuck sending spam to rec.games.corewar? I've reported the posts on Google groups but that appears to be a waste of time :-(
19:37:11: -!- ggherdov has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
19:37:17: <bvowk> If there was something we could do about people on the internet, it'd be a much nicer place.
19:37:31: <bvowk> How's it going Mr Imp?
19:40:51: <Doxin> bvowk: the bot is going poorly. I get bored with things too fast.
19:50:09: * bvowk medicates Doxin with adderal.
19:50:33: <Doxin> doesn't work on me :D
19:52:03: <impomatic_> I thought there used to be a way to deal with Usenet spam. A kill command that servers send to each other or something.
19:54:44: <impomatic_> I think I've left it too close to Christmas to organise the next tournament, so it'll be announced in January or February :-)
19:55:10: <bvowk> I do wish you could filter folks out on groups.
19:56:24: <impomatic_> Well I'm filtering skybuck out for the archive http://corewar.co.uk/rgc.htm
19:56:46: <impomatic_> (I still have a bit more spam to remove and another 9 years to archive, but slowly getting there!)
20:02:54: <impomatic_> Roy seems to have cracked the latest AZPC http://www.azspcs.net/Contest/SumsAndProducts1/Standings
20:04:30: <impomatic_> I'll be offering one of these to the winner(s) of the next tournament by the way :-) https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/670194475742949376
20:06:44: <Doxin> fancy
20:09:03: <bvowk> It does seem to show that.
20:09:19: <bvowk> I wonder if they've cracked it completely or if they've just all caught the low hanging fruit?
20:10:16: <bvowk> That looks like a great prize.
20:10:19: <impomatic_> Either it's too easy, or it's too hard to find solutions past that point.
20:10:43: <impomatic_> bvowk: I have a trade account with the supplier :-)
20:11:40: -!- ggherdov has joined #corewars.
20:12:12: <impomatic_> The current 94nop makes me happy http://www.koth.org/lcgi-bin/current.pl?hill94nop
20:13:18: <impomatic_> I only made Sputnik as an example warrior.
20:32:15: <bvowk> nice work.
20:43:47: <impomatic_> I think the satellite technique needs to be explored further.
20:44:27: <impomatic_> Sunset-style paper with satellites, binary launched paper with satellites, satellite paper with silk imps :-)
20:49:41: -!- Doxin has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:52:17: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
20:56:19: <bvowk> Hrm. I think I can use the p-exmars code to accelerate my Xeon Phi's
21:19:57: <Doxin> fancy
21:20:12: <Doxin> I should write a mars at some point
21:58:49: -!- gb_master has joined #corewars.
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23:39:35: <bvowk> hrm.
23:42:05: <impomatic_> Oh?