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17:32:59: <bvowk_> bleh.
18:13:35: <Doxin> bvowk_: bleh?
18:26:24: -!- bvowk has joined #corewars.
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19:00:28: <bvowk> hey Doxin.
19:00:31: <bvowk> What's up?
19:00:50: <bvowk> I came in for a meeting that got canceled when I got on the shuttle to work :(
19:10:38: <Doxin> oh that sucks
19:33:59: -!- gb_master has joined #corewars.
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20:30:32: <bvowk> You guys up to anything interesting?
20:31:15: <Doxin> nope!
20:31:18: <Doxin> you?
20:33:08: <bvowk> nothing too exciting, although I hacked a bunch of code into my evolver over my long weekend and it seems to be doing alright.
20:33:19: <bvowk> I've got warriors slowly climbing K again.
20:33:40: <bvowk> I need more SSDs tho.
20:33:46: <bvowk> seek times suck.
20:34:40: <Doxin> fancy
20:34:58: <Doxin> bvowk: you should invest in an fpga to run your warriors on :P
20:35:16: <bvowk> I've actually got a bunch of Xeon Phi cards I'm using.
20:35:55: <Doxin> oh my
20:35:58: <Doxin> look at mr fancy
20:35:59: <bvowk> I need to write a better mars for them tho, I'm running 228 instances of native python on each one right now, which really crushes the cache.
20:36:12: <Doxin> yeah python is the wrong tool here
20:36:29: <bvowk> Well, it's running native C code, with python wrapping it.
20:36:39: <Doxin> right
20:37:03: <bvowk> but I'd get way better throughput if I wrote a mars that just did the offload work and nothing else on the Phi's
20:37:15: <bvowk> most of the work would fit right in cache.
20:37:34: <bvowk> at least for tiny and nano. With the python it's just nano that manages to stay in cache.
20:42:24: <Doxin> hmm
21:00:49: -!- gb_master has joined #corewars.
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22:44:16: * bvowk wonders.