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18:04:06: <bvowk> hrm.
18:48:52: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
20:29:45: * bvowk wonders.
21:49:47: <Doxin> bvowk: whatcha wondering?
23:08:26: <bvowk> my office is very quiet today.
23:08:37: <bvowk> Everyone except for a tiny handful is off today.
23:08:52: <bvowk> https://github.com/grpc/grpc
23:09:04: <bvowk> And wondering if this is stable enough to play with yet.
23:10:11: <Doxin> bvowk: so why would I use that instead of any other rpc library?
23:12:16: <bvowk> because g00gle? ;)
23:12:32: <Doxin> lol I guess
23:12:57: <bvowk> There's not really a good reason, other than it's fairly slick and ties into the protobuf to define services.
23:13:11: <Doxin> oh I see
23:13:15: <Doxin> protobuf is fanct
23:13:17: <Doxin> *fancy
23:13:23: <bvowk> It's the open source version of some of the internal rpc stuff they run.
23:20:23: <bvowk> what are you hacking on?
23:23:00: <Doxin> bvowk: many things!
23:23:13: <Doxin> bvowk: today I was mostly hacking on wood.
23:23:16: <Doxin> making a crate :D