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18:22:22: <bvowk> ...
18:35:49: <Doxin> ohai bvowk
18:40:06: <bvowk> how's it going?
18:40:22: <Doxin> good!
18:40:38: <Doxin> pondering about building a radio
18:40:54: <bvowk> what kind of radio?
18:45:41: <Doxin> FM, but I might later add on some other demodulators
18:46:00: <Doxin> problem being: I need an oscilloscope to design this thing
18:46:29: <bvowk> lucky for you they're pretty cheap these days (compared to before when good ones were like $10k)
18:47:07: <Doxin> 700EUR is still above my budget sadly enough
18:48:50: <Doxin> also I might actually start with a AM demodulator. those are easier.
18:48:53: <bvowk> http://amzn.com/B015X6LZFO
18:49:18: <Doxin> I don't want a wimpy scope. I want a proper tool I can keep using for a long time.
18:49:42: <bvowk> Not really enough bandwidth for sure..
18:50:10: <Doxin> also a tiny screen
18:50:15: <Doxin> also a menu based interface
18:50:24: <Doxin> I'm saving up for a rigol.
18:50:33: <bvowk> nice :)
18:50:43: <Doxin> it'll take a while though :C
18:58:36: <bvowk> sadly, all my electronics stuff is mostly sitting in storage in Canada :(
18:58:49: <bvowk> haven't had space for it in SF or NY.
19:01:38: <Doxin> darn
19:01:40: <Doxin> that sucks
19:07:31: <bvowk> I'll survive.
19:10:29: <Doxin> I suppose
22:05:36: -!- Doxin has quit (Remote host closed the connection).