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16:36:52: * impomatic is calculating a list of all possible imp-forming paper steps.
17:40:18: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
18:15:55: * bvowk_ wonders.
18:18:22: <Doxin> bvowk_: whatcha wondering?
18:20:47: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk, Doxin.
18:21:31: <Doxin> heya impomatic
18:21:52: <impomatic> I'm just going though a list of imp-forming paper steps looking for pairs which work well.
18:22:08: <Doxin> oh?
18:22:53: <impomatic> There are two used in published warriors. step2 equ step1-2667 and step2 equ 2667+1
18:23:23: <Doxin> I see
18:23:28: <impomatic> There are quite a few which haven't been used, not sure how effective they are. I suspect they'll be less effective.
18:25:10: <Doxin> hmm
18:25:45: <impomatic> They're for this page http://corewar.co.uk/paperimp.htm (which will be finished shortly)
18:26:01: <Doxin> fancy
18:26:30: <impomatic> It's taking a while because I'm tweaking and optimizing the example code :-)
18:29:02: <Doxin> :P
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22:45:59: <bvowk_> whoa. I made noise and then someone was around to talk to.
23:18:01: <Doxin> bvowk_: amazing!