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17:35:35: * bvowk wonders.
17:47:17: <Doxin> bvowk: whatcha wondering?
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17:52:24: <bvowk> mostly if anyone was alive :)
17:52:32: * impomatic is :-)
17:52:39: <bvowk> Heya Met!
17:53:08: <impomatic> Just moving a few bits on my webpage, but set up a redirect so hopefully no-one will notice :-)
17:53:54: <impomatic> I'd like to add Jens Gutzeit's webpage to the Core War archive, but I've only got about half of it :-(
17:58:45: <bvowk> Hey.. I didn't know that Martin was busy again.
17:58:57: <bvowk> I wonder where Jens is.
17:59:54: <impomatic> I think Martin's currently scoring around 90 points against 94nop. His code is on Github
18:01:46: <bvowk> yeah, I was just looking at that.
18:05:00: <bvowk> I think someone should make a cuda enabled mars.
18:05:24: <impomatic> Not me, I wouldn't have a clue.
18:07:14: <bvowk> I think I might if I get a solid gpu in a machine where I can restart it easily.
18:07:52: <bvowk> It seems like every time I cuda, I need to have someone hard cycle the box at least once :(
18:15:12: <bvowk> I'm going to be on your side of the pond next week Met.
18:15:24: <bvowk> I'm going to a conference in Ireland
18:15:48: <impomatic> Oh cool :-) I've always wanted to go to Ireland.
18:16:37: <bvowk> I'll likely be making a few trips there a year with this new job.
18:17:35: <bvowk> Heard from Mizcu lately?
18:17:41: <impomatic> You should pop into the UK as well to visit Bletchley Park, The National Museum of Computing and The Centre for Computing History :-D
18:18:15: <bvowk> I'm plotting to set aside some time for sightseeing next time I go, so HELL YES :)
18:18:35: <impomatic> No. I've emailed both of Mizcu's addresses, but no response. Also I think I've found him on Facebook, but no response there either.
18:19:06: <bvowk> He was always only social in spurts, so that might not be surprising :)
18:20:12: <bvowk> If you're in this neck of the woods, the computer history museum is a nice tour. It's changed a lot since I first went.
18:24:44: <impomatic> I've got an archive of Mizcu's website http://corewar.co.uk/mizcu/
18:26:28: <bvowk> nice
18:28:39: <impomatic> I think I've got about 70 core war sites archived which have gone offline :-( Still more to do though.
18:32:13: <bvowk> I'm glad corewars still has such a following :)
18:32:55: <impomatic> I'll announce the Winter tournament soon, hopefully.
18:33:06: <bvowk> :)
18:33:24: <impomatic> I was thinking about double-elimination, but that's a bit more work for players.
18:33:38: <impomatic> Well, more work for the players who don't get eliminated!
18:58:30: -!- impomatic_ has joined #corewars.
19:37:08: <impomatic> Has anyone here got access to the Tamiment Library at New York University?
20:02:28: <bvowk> PK might be willing.
20:02:38: <bvowk> That's his 'hood
22:53:47: <impomatic> I've asked PK :-)