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09:04:23: <impomatic> Hi :-)
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20:04:22: <bvowk_> Very quiet.
21:49:12: <Doxin> bvowk_: not unusual for it to be quiet here.
22:07:39: <bvowk_> It's true.
22:07:49: * impomatic is busy doing Core War stuff, I just don't want to constantly be boring you with the details :-)
22:07:56: <bvowk_> But if I don't note the quiet, nobody else will talk :)
22:08:06: <bvowk_> what sort of corewar stuff?
22:10:37: <impomatic> Tonight I'm proofreading some Core War docs written by John McCarthy which I've retyped from printouts from back in the day.
22:12:44: <impomatic> McCarthy who invented Lisp and was an AI pioneer.
22:14:39: <impomatic> I'm also going to check some disk images I've made for Classic Mac versions of Core War work correctly on an emulator.
22:19:10: <bvowk_> Nice :)
22:19:58: <impomatic> Too much to do, too little time!
22:20:04: <bvowk_> Always.
22:20:33: <impomatic> I also want to read through the entire r.g.c. archive, removing spam as I go http://corewar.co.uk/rgc.htm
22:21:07: <impomatic> Eventually :-D
22:21:14: <bvowk_> That'll be a while.
22:21:23: <bvowk_> I need more GPU's