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20:30:50: <bvowk> hrm.
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22:17:00: <impomatic> Hi :-)
22:24:01: <gb_master> Hi :)
22:24:34: <impomatic> Borgir entered Koenigstuhl in 6th place http://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/koenigstuhl.html
22:25:16: <impomatic> Hi gb_master. Are you new to Core War or just a nick I don't recognise? :-)
22:25:37: <gb_master> new to this IRC channel, but I know core wars since I'm a kid
22:31:10: <gb_master> I can't believe this game is still played :) and I'm glad for this
22:37:30: <impomatic> Have you ever entered any of the tournaments or anything?
22:38:24: <impomatic> There's the hills where you can submit a program any time. Success is measure by how long it lasts.
22:38:48: <impomatic> And we currently hold a tournament twice a year, $50 first prize.
22:42:47: <gb_master> hehe... I never tried to write any warrior, actually. I just read about the game on Dewdney's articles a LOT of years ago. But that's a good thing to know :)
22:44:05: <impomatic> There's a new tutorial being written and http://corewar.co.uk is going through a major change. That's why it looks a bit of a mess at the moment.
22:47:53: <gb_master> good! I'll give a look at it
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