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06:19:35: <impomatic> Quite a few at the Core War session last night https://twitter.com/LeedsCodeDojo/status/639175867843891200
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17:00:49: <bvowk> nhrm.
18:07:22: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk
19:25:27: <bvowk> what's up Met?
19:25:58: <impomatic> Not much :-)
19:26:17: <impomatic> Been programming a bit of Z80 and playing a few text adventures lately.
19:26:24: <bvowk> Sounds like good times :)
19:26:46: <impomatic> Gone back to working on corewar.co.uk this week. I don't think it'll ever be finished!
19:27:07: <bvowk> heh. I'd guess that's likely true.