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20:19:01: <willvarfar> hi all
20:19:07: <impomatic> Hi Will...
20:19:20: * willvarfar falls off chair
20:19:28: <willvarfar> wasn't expecting life :)
20:19:52: <impomatic> Randomly I just thought of you exactly 8 minutes ago!
20:20:17: <impomatic> Someone mentioned the Mill in the #forth channel
20:20:29: <impomatic> How's things going?
20:23:22: <willvarfar> slower than I'd like
20:23:29: <willvarfar> am working on the compilers etc
20:23:59: <willvarfar> its going to be a nice chip
20:24:38: <impomatic> If a dev board eventually comes up I might grab one to play with.
20:25:04: <impomatic> Have you seen TIS-100? A new assembly based programming game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TIS-100
20:27:03: <willvarfar> what happened to that programming game Notch started on?
20:27:19: <impomatic> Got cancelled.
20:29:27: <impomatic> Shelved in 2013 according to Wikipedia
20:30:22: <willvarfar> hmm clone trillek seems to be slow progress too
20:30:45: <impomatic> Not heard of that.
20:30:57: * impomatic googles it (with duck duck go!)
20:40:42: <impomatic> Did you already see the latest news on http://corewar.co.uk
20:42:01: <impomatic> Apart from that there's been a Halloween and Valentine tournament, an issue of CoreOps
20:43:15: <impomatic> Kline appears to have come up with a new type of spiral clear (so far unpublished). Inversed has a JMP bomber which went straight to the top of the tiny Koenigstuhl.
20:44:22: <impomatic> Hydra style warriors were back briefly (and in 1st place on 94nop). Several warriors have entered 94nop with a 20 point lead then dropped off with 20 challenges.
20:45:11: <impomatic> And there's a new qscan circulating privately which almost wiped the hill when everyone started using it.
20:56:17: <willvarfar> crikey that's quite active :)
20:56:39: <willvarfar> any reason I got 300 mails from koth the other day?
20:57:22: <impomatic> The last couple of years have been significantly more active that it was from 2007-2012
20:58:23: <impomatic> Although the newsgroup hasn't picked up. I'm not sure whether people don't use Usenet these days, or Skybuck killed it off by constant spamming.
20:58:36: <impomatic> On COREWAR-L
20:59:30: <impomatic> There was a problem with it. Tuc put me down to authorised posts as he didn't have time.
21:00:43: <impomatic> After a while the posts stopped coming through to authorise. It was a while before he fixed it and I think he authorised everything in one go.
21:01:42: <willvarfar> skybuck is also on other usenet sites
21:01:53: <willvarfar> eh usenet groups, obviously
21:02:07: <willvarfar> keeps posting to comp.arch, for example
21:03:19: <impomatic> I've got an archive or all r.g.c posts just in case Google decide to drop groups. http://corewar.co.uk/rgc.htm
21:04:25: <impomatic> Currently stopped at 2006 though because I want to remove Skybuck's spam. (I'll make the spam available in a separate file if anyone actually wants it!)
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