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13:24:59: <impomatic> FL2b has been published :-) http://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/94/HILL/lore2.red
14:52:17: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
14:52:27: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
14:52:30: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo :-)
14:52:38: <impomatic> Did you see FL2b?
14:52:43: <Fizmomaster> 95% ties, impressive!!!
14:52:58: <Fizmomaster> no?
14:53:02: <impomatic> http://corewar.co.uk/forgottenlore2.htm
14:53:05: <Fizmomaster> is it published somewhere?
14:54:48: <impomatic> It uses DJN bombs (which we suspected anyway)
14:55:11: <impomatic> And a clear similar to the unnamed one at the bottom of this page http://corewar.co.uk/clear.htm
14:56:36: <impomatic> By the way, "tie my pretties, tie..." is only 10 lines long.
15:00:06: <Fizmomaster> yes, I recognized already
15:00:46: <Fizmomaster> my first idea was a pure imp-ring
15:01:27: <Fizmomaster> my second idea was hydra that copies imp-launchers
15:01:54: <Fizmomaster> at least it's nothing with 3-pts imps
15:21:38: <impomatic> It has 3-pt imps :-P
15:22:29: <Fizmomaster> oh, really?
15:50:23: <Fizmomaster> interesting
15:50:58: <Fizmomaster> my anti-imp paper seems not get any win then
15:51:27: <Fizmomaster> I guess the few wins belongs to the qscan
16:13:24: <impomatic> Definitely 3 point imps. It's 10 lines long and doesn't get beaten by anything :-)
16:14:27: <Fizmomaster> hmm
16:14:33: <Fizmomaster> sounds interesting
16:14:46: <Fizmomaster> let's see how well my idea works
16:15:20: <Fizmomaster> not sure about it
16:16:56: <impomatic> Did you also see Electric Razor? http://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/PSPACE/TOP50/HILL/electricrazor.red
16:17:03: <Fizmomaster> yes
16:17:13: <impomatic> The P^3 automatically calculates the values for the p-table.
16:17:18: <Fizmomaster> very interesting p-switcher
16:17:32: <Fizmomaster> makes me want to try it out :-P
16:18:08: <Fizmomaster> easy like the p^2b, but fast as the p^3
16:18:12: <impomatic> I was going to write a macro to do that (for the pswitcher page) but David got there first (and it didn't even need a macro)
16:19:59: <impomatic> I only wrote that new quickscan as an example for the quickscan page by the way :-) Didn't expect it to be so strong.
16:20:18: <Fizmomaster> got it onto the hill
16:21:23: <impomatic> Wow, interesting strategy line! "self-replicating scanning vamp with satellite traps"
16:21:30: <Fizmomaster> hehehe
16:21:40: <Fizmomaster> :-P
16:22:28: <Fizmomaster> maybe I should remove it. It hurts Hullab3loo alot
16:25:17: <impomatic> Monster Human Grunt in 19th place. Hullab3loo in 20th. For John not much higher and you've already killed FL2b :-)
16:25:46: <Fizmomaster> I don't want kill another giant
16:26:19: <impomatic> If you carry on, the oldest warrior will be about age 40 :-P
16:26:29: <Fizmomaster> when I sent my entry I didn't expected to push of FL2b
16:26:42: <impomatic> If you kill another giant, please make it For John :-D
16:26:56: <Fizmomaster> hehe, ok, let me try :-P
16:27:12: <Fizmomaster> that's called hidden hill wipe, hehe
16:27:26: <impomatic> It don't like being beaten by a warrior with my name on it!
16:28:29: <impomatic> Dire Cross doesn't beat Tie My Pretties anyway :-P
16:29:03: <Fizmomaster> hmm
16:29:21: <Fizmomaster> it's not really anti-imp optimized
16:30:26: <impomatic> Just going to run TMP again the Koenigstuhl top 50 to see if anything beats it.
16:31:08: <impomatic> It might take a while...
16:37:41: <Fizmomaster> still too many self-vamping with dire cross :-(
16:38:02: <Fizmomaster> need to tweak the code even more
16:44:17: <impomatic> Hmmm... I need to optimize TMP to tie a couple of warriors from Koenigstuhl
16:59:56: * impomatic wonders how TMP would score with a qscan... testing now...
17:10:44: <Fizmomaster> almost
17:10:56: <Fizmomaster> you might add some more offensive power
17:11:23: <impomatic> I preferred it when it had 95% ties :-P
17:11:45: <Fizmomaster> I can imagine
17:13:51: <Fizmomaster> but 95% means at its best W5% = 15pts + T95% = 95 pts = 110 pts
17:17:08: <Fizmomaster> I think 90% ties is the maximum to enter the hill in case of 0% loss
17:17:13: <impomatic> Nothing with more than 75% ties can hope to last long on the hill.
17:18:04: <impomatic> Last night I was working out what % ties to aim for to keep a stone/imp on the hill as long as possible.
17:18:53: <Fizmomaster> I guess not more than 60%
17:21:44: <impomatic> I can't remember the exact figure I came up with, but it was somewhere around 35-40% for the best chance of staying on the hill as the balance of the hill changes.
17:24:04: <Fizmomaster> interesting
17:24:31: <Fizmomaster> I think my stone/imps are either too heavy or too light ;-)
17:24:50: <Fizmomaster> it's not easy to find the right balance
17:27:01: <Fizmomaster> I tried to compensate the heavy imps to push processes from the imp-launcher back into the stone
17:27:30: <Fizmomaster> you can find this trick in many of my stone/imp warriors
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