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16:43:54: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
16:44:34: <bvowk_> ..
17:22:00: -!- impomatic has joined #corewars.
18:18:57: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
18:19:09: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo :-)
18:19:09: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
18:19:36: <impomatic> Are you working on anything interesting?
18:21:17: <impomatic> Your medium process Digitalis seems to be broken.
18:51:09: <Fizmomaster> hi
18:51:22: <Fizmomaster> yes, I guess so
18:51:41: <Fizmomaster> I haven't checked it before sent
19:46:50: <impomatic> I'm just tweaking something for the mp hill. It'll be ready in about 15 minutes
19:48:44: <Fizmomaster> nice :-)
19:52:02: <Fizmomaster> I'm currious about it
19:55:48: <impomatic> I'll sent it in a couple of minutes :-)
20:03:03: <impomatic> Yay! :-D
20:03:16: <impomatic> First place on ;redcode-mp :-P
20:03:53: <Fizmomaster> congratulation :-)
20:04:09: <impomatic> Thanks
20:33:23: <Fizmomaster> I'm curious how the mp hill will develop
20:33:42: <Fizmomaster> hopefully other play will pay it too
20:34:33: <impomatic> I hope so, otherwise it'll just be Imp vs Fiz!
20:43:22: <Fizmomaster> it looks to be a quite interesting hill, although silk-paper seems not as strong as I expected
21:03:24: <Fizmomaster> send a new warrior to 94nop
21:03:42: <Fizmomaster> based on something I did for the tiny stone challenge
21:04:16: <Fizmomaster> scores surprisingly well on my benchmark
21:04:16: <impomatic> I can't see it in the queue yet
21:04:36: <Fizmomaster> should appear soon
21:05:42: <Fizmomaster> here it comes
21:06:07: <Fizmomaster> and I got it onto the mp-hill :-D
21:07:09: <impomatic> It might be a good warrior to try on the 94m hill if you haven't already.
21:07:52: <Fizmomaster> ok
21:08:36: <Fizmomaster> sent
21:08:56: <Fizmomaster> WOW!!
21:09:01: <Fizmomaster> 11th
21:09:08: <impomatic> Pretty good :-)
21:09:34: <Fizmomaster> it's just optimized a bit, nothing seriously
21:09:45: <impomatic> Worst losses are to two of your warriors.
21:10:47: <Fizmomaster> I'm really surprised
21:11:04: <Fizmomaster> I haven't expected anything with this idea
21:23:26: -!- Fizmomaster has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 38.0.5/20150525141253]).