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14:53:29: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
15:05:14: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo :-)
15:16:53: <Fizmomaster> I finalized my new hill warrior ;-)
15:16:58: <Fizmomaster> digitalis
15:17:36: <Fizmomaster> I revisited this strategy, because I thought that it has potential to enter the 94nop
15:18:13: <impomatic> I've been watching the submissions :-)
15:18:14: <Fizmomaster> but 11th is surprising high
15:19:56: <Fizmomaster> I think it can survive a bit if there are enough scanner and stone/imps on the hill
15:20:19: <impomatic> Can you remember where the Mini Q^4 from Digitalis 2002 came from? I was looking at it a couple of days ago.
15:20:45: <Fizmomaster> no, sorry, I can't remember anymore
15:21:31: <Fizmomaster> is it different to others?
15:23:02: <impomatic> Not really, just the final pair is:
15:23:06: <impomatic> sne qPtr+qX*qD, qPtr+qX*qD+qD
15:23:08: <impomatic> jmz.f pGo, <qTab2
15:23:45: <impomatic> Do you normally recalculate qa, qb, qc, etc every time you write a warrior? Or just try to keep the tables in exactly the same place?
15:24:06: <Fizmomaster> I keep it same place
15:25:59: <Fizmomaster> But I optimize the location of each part of the main code
15:26:09: <Fizmomaster> it has a huge impact on the scores
15:26:27: <Fizmomaster> depending where they are located
15:31:53: <impomatic> I've just written a qscan. The tables can be placed anywhere. Then I use Randy and pMARS macros to generate a few different sets of qa, qb, qc, etc
15:32:00: <impomatic> All automated :-)
15:33:13: <Fizmomaster> does it have an impact on the scores?
15:35:12: <impomatic> Yes. 3.5 points higher against the Koenigstuhl top-50 by optimizing the qscan constants.
15:35:37: <Fizmomaster> hmm, I should consider this the next time
15:36:22: <impomatic> But the main point it to place the tables somewhere convenient to tidy up the code :-P
18:34:24: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
19:46:05: * impomatic wonders if p-switching is dead!
19:46:31: <impomatic> The last new p-switcher on the hill was 2 years ago - 24th May 2013.
19:56:45: <impomatic> The 94 Hall of Fame has just been updated http://corewar.co.uk/94hof.txt
19:58:32: <Fizmomaster> Yes, I am working on a new p-switcher, but didn't get a good idea
19:59:11: <Fizmomaster> I tried a bit on a new version of Scanitator
19:59:51: <Fizmomaster> my first warrior I entered pizza's pro hill
19:59:55: <impomatic> I ought to p-space Cloudburst with something to beat the scanners :-)
20:00:33: <Fizmomaster> p-switching Cloudburst and a stone
20:02:37: <Fizmomaster> hmm, there are plenty of my warriors on the 94 Hall of Fame :-)
20:11:54: <impomatic> Not many of mine in there
21:21:34: -!- Fizmomaster has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 38.0.1/20150513174244]).