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15:49:17: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
15:49:21: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo :-)
16:24:45: <impomatic> Are you still optimizing Silklander?
16:26:54: <Fizmomaster> no
16:27:13: <Fizmomaster> it was the best what I got after 10 hrs optimaxing
16:28:06: <Fizmomaster> played with some other ideas but failed
16:32:18: <impomatic> I've finished with Cloudburst for now, but I might check my theory about MiniHSA being the component that hurts it.
16:36:05: <Fizmomaster> hm, I'm trying to figure out the execution order if I would add another line into hydra
16:37:54: <Fizmomaster> maybe I can get my warrior scoring better in this way
16:38:38: <impomatic> I couldn't find any way to change the order of the instructions without breaking it :-(
16:39:15: <Fizmomaster> hmm, then I'll won't find it too :-(
16:40:14: <impomatic> But you could add an extra MOV in Hydra if you wanted to boot an extra instruction, e.g. an ADD
16:42:16: <impomatic> The extra MOV would be the first instruction after the SPL. If you do that, it's fairly easy to get rid of the TDJN line (or whatever the booted DJN is labelled in yours)
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