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14:54:47: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
15:16:31: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo :-)
15:25:58: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
16:30:36: -!- Fizmomaster has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
17:45:15: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
17:56:15: <Fizmomaster> I'm working on a new warrior :-)
17:56:43: * impomatic wonders what Fizmo is up to :-)
17:56:48: <impomatic> Which hills is it for?
17:56:57: <Fizmomaster> 94nop
17:57:28: <Fizmomaster> 4 sequentially running stages
17:58:32: <Fizmomaster> results are very unpredictable
17:59:49: <Fizmomaster> against paper/imps can win 70% but also lose 70%
18:00:03: <impomatic> Hmmm... curious.
18:00:34: <impomatic> qscan -> scanner -> spiral wipe -> regular clear :-P
18:01:13: <Fizmomaster> I just pick-up some of my old warriors from cw91 and trying some ideas
18:01:33: <Fizmomaster> qscan -> bomb/scan -> boot -> clear
18:02:34: <Fizmomaster> I think I just need find the right balance for the current 94nop hill
18:02:40: <impomatic> I tried to get I tried to get a Mirage style scanner on the hill this week, but couldn't quite make it.
18:02:50: <impomatic> Even after spending hours tweaking it :-(
18:45:10: * impomatic wonders if p-space is dead.
18:46:14: <impomatic> I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a new p-spacer for over a year (and then it was a resubmitted warrior it fill the gaps after Skybuck tried to wipe the hill).
18:50:31: <Fizmomaster> in the past I loved p-warriors alot
18:50:43: <Fizmomaster> I mean about 15 years ago, hehe
18:51:09: <Fizmomaster> I think I own still the record
18:51:25: <impomatic> for the oldest p-warrior?
18:51:38: <Fizmomaster> from entering as koth until pushed-off in just age of 7
18:51:41: <Fizmomaster> lol
18:52:20: <Fizmomaster> hmm, name was Red Baron?
18:54:46: <impomatic> I can match your 7 :-)
18:55:24: <impomatic> Macro Test entered as king with 179 points and was kicked off age 7 with only 123 points.
18:56:17: <Fizmomaster> haha, even better
18:56:30: <impomatic> I'm not sure if the code is on my website.
19:00:43: <impomatic> Aha, found it. Macro Test is the example code from this page http://corewar.co.uk/fnumberexploit.htm
19:28:56: <Fizmomaster> hmm, managed to get onto the hill. Now two anonymous entries on top 2 ranks
19:29:04: <Fizmomaster> strange
19:37:04: <impomatic> I can't figure out who driverzx might be!
20:15:10: <Fizmomaster> sent hopefully a better version to 94nop
20:22:02: <impomatic> Test 20 by DriverZX is a vampire :-)
20:22:31: <impomatic> With the fang located about 25 instructions before the vamp code.
20:22:35: <Fizmomaster> maybe something similar to FL2b?
20:27:58: <impomatic> No, FL2b is different.
20:30:08: <impomatic> Simple anti-vamp does kill it and it bombs with djn.f #1,1.
20:31:13: <Fizmomaster> but seems then that it's using a good anti-imp ssd-clear
20:31:58: <impomatic> Sorry, I meant "Simple anti-vamp DOESN'T kill it"
20:33:31: <impomatic> fl2b add inc, fang
20:33:32: <impomatic> mov djnbomb, *fang
20:33:34: <impomatic> jmz.f fl2b, @fang
20:33:35: <impomatic> mov fang, @fang
20:33:37: <impomatic> jmz fl2b, pit
20:33:38: <impomatic> jmp clear
20:33:46: <impomatic> djnbomb djn.f #1, 1
21:27:31: <Fizmomaster> sent a new version of hailstorm
21:37:43: <impomatic> You pushed Negative Thinking off :-) That'll change the balance of the hill a bit :-)
21:37:58: <Fizmomaster> Sorry :-(
21:39:19: <impomatic> It's been pretty low lately. It's the longest lasting oneshot for a while.
21:41:00: <Fizmomaster> I think the last one before was BIgital Shot
21:41:21: <impomatic> I think so, but haven't checked :-)
21:41:40: <Fizmomaster> you eas faster with your dat 0, 0 ;-)
21:41:44: <Fizmomaster> was
21:41:55: <impomatic> Is there a clue in the name of "BIgital Shot"? :-D
21:42:32: <Fizmomaster> mixture of BiShot and Digital
21:42:54: <Fizmomaster> I guess only me understood, hehe
21:43:13: <impomatic> You should try a Bishot clear as an endgame in normal bombers / scanners.
21:43:35: <Fizmomaster> I did already
21:43:41: <impomatic> The Bishot clear scores better on the hill than a G2 clear.
21:44:23: <Fizmomaster> Sharky uses it in a blur-style scanner
21:44:57: <Fizmomaster> as far as I remember
21:45:08: <Fizmomaster> or was it Dandelion
21:45:33: <Fizmomaster> yes, Dandelion uses the same clear
21:45:47: <impomatic> Look on the 94nop huge array at the scores of warriors 1 & 2 http://koth.org/lcgi-bin/hugetable.pl?hill94nop
21:47:09: <Fizmomaster> looks a bit similar
21:48:57: <impomatic> Only the score against your dodger is significantly different.
21:49:24: <Fizmomaster> no wonder, it's very sensitive to opponent step sizes
21:49:58: <Fizmomaster> it can score wonderful good, but also really bad
22:29:13: -!- Fizmomaster has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 38.0.1/20150513174244]).