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16:20:48: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo :-)
16:21:14: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
16:21:46: <Fizmomaster> still alive with hailstorm ;-)
16:22:50: <impomatic> Only just. I've seen it in 20th place :-P
16:23:30: <Fizmomaster> yes, two Grendle's there
16:24:08: <Fizmomaster> now it looks better
16:24:12: <impomatic> FL2b has been pretty low as well.
16:24:32: <Fizmomaster> ohh, yes, I haven't recognized
16:25:44: <impomatic> I wonder if David will publish it.
16:25:48: <Fizmomaster> the koth at an age of 1704 now
16:27:26: <impomatic> That's the second oldest koth on 94nop.
16:28:17: <Fizmomaster> I guess the oldest one was Son of Vain
16:28:27: <impomatic> Actually, it doesn't count because it's not after a successful challenge!
16:28:39: <Fizmomaster> oh, yes, right
16:30:03: <impomatic> SoV was the oldest one.
16:32:25: <impomatic> I'm using randy to optimize now :-)
16:32:41: <impomatic> I had to change the way I arrange stuff a bit, but I like some of the options :-)
16:33:13: <impomatic> E.g. to generate the test files ordered by how optimal the modx constant is.
16:33:46: <Fizmomaster> I should try it out also
16:35:40: <Fizmomaster> I still using optimax to optimize, although my son showed me how slow it is running compared to his C# optimax clone. Just waiting for some final bugfixing for stable run
16:38:21: <impomatic> randy just generates a load of files which you have to benchmark with something else. (which is the way I like to work)
16:39:44: <impomatic> But because it can generate them in order of how optimal the constant is (for scanners / stones) it tends to find the better constants much sooner.
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19:03:08: <impomatic> Welcome back :-)
19:04:01: <Fizmomaster> ;-)
19:11:07: <impomatic> Hmmm... Borgir isn't on Koenigstuhl, but it's in the fsh94nop
19:11:26: <Fizmomaster> ohh, really?
19:13:01: <impomatic> Maybe there's a few others.
19:13:37: <impomatic> I just noticed Borgir because I haven't got a copy in the Hall of Fame http://corewar.co.uk/halloffame.htm
19:20:20: <impomatic> Added http://corewar.co.uk/borgir.htm
19:20:52: <Fizmomaster> :-)
19:38:08: <impomatic> Hmmm... I need to work out what Quiz does http://corewar.co.uk/quiz.htm
19:39:56: <Fizmomaster> LOL
19:40:09: <Fizmomaster> I think I need compile it first
19:43:28: <Fizmomaster> Interesting warrior
19:45:47: <Fizmomaster> jmp-bombing stone with a separate clear that seems gets activated by self-bombing
19:48:02: <impomatic> The clear is activated by a timer.
19:48:50: <impomatic> But I can't work out whether the JMPs actually do anything or just randomly move processes around.
19:49:18: <Fizmomaster> it seems to start very suddently
19:50:58: <Fizmomaster> it must be self-bombing. There is no any other process running
19:57:09: <Fizmomaster> hmm, no self-bombing
19:57:37: <impomatic> No. After the scan has detected and bombed 20 times, it jumps to the clear.
19:58:04: <Fizmomaster> yesm I realized
20:00:27: <impomatic> I assume the idea is JMP somewhere will kill scanners and bomber and slow down paper or imps more than a single SPL.
20:03:50: <Fizmomaster> hmm, never tried jmp-bombs for the 94nop hill
20:09:06: <impomatic> I think Quiz would score about 115 on 94nop...
20:09:15: <impomatic> Will try it in a moment
20:09:26: <Fizmomaster> curious to see
20:14:12: <Fizmomaster> When I go throught the Hall of Fame list I realized my longest lasting warrior was just 662 :-(
20:14:52: <impomatic> Quiz got 120 points on 94nop
20:15:10: <Fizmomaster> wow!
20:15:19: <Fizmomaster> that's much more than I expected
20:18:32: <impomatic> You've got 4 age over 600 though.
20:18:55: <impomatic> I've only got 2 :-(
20:20:43: <impomatic> Even worse, "For John" is only a few hundred challenges off beating my oldest warrior!
20:21:16: <Fizmomaster> it do surprisingly well
20:41:57: <Fizmomaster> LOL, I'm currently going through the IRC tournaments we did
20:43:57: <impomatic> "The only permitted addressing modes are { } < >" :-) http://corewar.co.uk/irct09/index.htm
20:45:11: <Fizmomaster> #3 also cool
20:45:13: <Fizmomaster> entries may only contain values of either -1, 0 or 1 in the compiled Redcode
20:45:20: <Fizmomaster> http://corewar.co.uk/irct03/index.htm
20:46:16: <Fizmomaster> haha, yes, #9 was cool
20:46:32: <Fizmomaster> good scores for me, hehe
20:46:42: <impomatic> I actually wrote a paper for IRCT9 as a proof on concept because everyone complained it was too hard http://corewar.co.uk/irct09/scrap.txt
20:47:09: <Fizmomaster> LOOL, I can'
20:47:15: <Fizmomaster> t remember that
20:47:23: <Fizmomaster> well done
20:49:08: <impomatic> I wrote it at work in my lunch break on a scrap of paper the day after IRCT9. I just wanted to prove it's possible.
20:50:39: <Fizmomaster> I think we had lot of great ideas to have maximum fun on these evenings
20:51:41: <impomatic> One of the most important things was to stop someone just grabbing a warrior from Koenigstuhl to enter.
20:51:57: <Fizmomaster> yes
20:52:24: <Fizmomaster> and gave him enough time to optimize it the extreme
20:53:20: <Fizmomaster> almost pure handwritten code with some basic testings
20:54:17: <Fizmomaster> LOOOL
20:54:28: <Fizmomaster> I enjoy so much going through the tournaments
20:54:41: <Fizmomaster> please lets make it happen again
20:55:05: <Fizmomaster> there are so crazy ideas used for the tournament
20:55:35: <impomatic> If there's enough interest we could organise the first two.
20:56:36: <Fizmomaster> yes, please
20:56:43: <Fizmomaster> I have already plenty of ideas
22:22:51: * Fizmomaster waves
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22:22:59: * impomatic waves
22:23:49: * Doxin undulates