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09:59:11: <impomatic_> Physica D arrive and the VENUS paper is there. The correct one is "Emergent computation: self-organizing, collective, and cooperative phenomena in natural and artificial computing networks" edited by Stephanie Forrest. (MIT Press / Elsevier Science Publishers)
13:04:54: -!- waknuk has joined #corewars.
13:05:41: <waknuk> Is the tiny stone challenge over? (Saw inversed’s log entry for 08-May)
13:13:07: <impomatic_> Hi Waknuk :-)
13:13:34: <impomatic_> As far as I know, inversed is accepting entries today. I don't know what the cut off time is though.
13:13:40: <waknuk> Hi Impomatic
13:14:09: <impomatic_> There's been one new entry that I've seen today (WretchedTorch by Paul Kline)
13:14:10: <waknuk> The web-page says the day ends at 00:00 GMT
13:15:08: <waknuk> Ah, I’d missed that. It’s an interesting challenge.
13:15:46: <impomatic_> It appears you have a few hours left then.
13:16:20: <waknuk> True, but it takes me ages to get a warrior working and then it mighn’t be any good :)
13:17:05: <impomatic_> The entries are all over the place though :-)
13:17:12: <waknuk> You’re looking fairly secure at the top unless someones’ saved a killer for today
13:18:02: <waknuk> I don’t have time to try something nice, but might try a spoiler.
13:22:03: <waknuk> Did anyone send you the 86 rules?
13:23:47: <impomatic_> No, haven't received the '86 rules :-( I know they used to be on the old FTP site but I can't find them anywhere now.
13:25:12: <waknuk> Do you know what the filename was? (just incase I downloaded it and it doesn’t include “86”)
13:26:25: <impomatic_> There's the published warriors which inversed seeded the contest with if you need some ideas.
13:27:38: <waknuk> I made a couple of benchmarks for this challenge some days ago and compared one or two of them with it.
13:28:40: <waknuk> Well, just one. Not sure I looked at the code though. I have now. zxc .. so it does include a clear.
13:28:58: <impomatic_> MOV STEP,1 bombers and incendiary bombers seem to do well against both benchmarks. stone/imp does well against the papers and pure stone with real dat bombs does well against the oneshots.
13:29:39: <impomatic_> I'm not sure what the filename was. I have an original copy on paper here, so I'll OCR it when I get chance.
13:30:01: <impomatic_> Problem is it's about 20 pages with lots of tables so might take a while to correct.
13:30:12: <waknuk> I can’t try to do well against both, but maybe against one.
13:30:42: <waknuk> Perhaps one of the 86 marses includes it?
13:31:48: <impomatic_> A decoy maker helps quite a bit against the oneshots and a SPL/DAT clear helps against the papers.
13:33:19: <impomatic_> I haven't seen the standard in any of the MARS I've checked so far.
13:33:22: <waknuk> I wasn’t sure about clears - It seems unfair (?) to pair a puny single-proc stone with a fast ssd clear.
13:34:41: <impomatic_> bomber -> clear is fine though.
13:35:49: <waknuk> It’s similar though - a short-lived fake stone with a ssd clear
13:39:12: <waknuk> Do you use the graphical pmars with tiny core? If so can you recommend a display setting?
13:41:26: <impomatic_> On Windows pmars -v 094 does the trick. (change the 0 to a higher digit to slow things down)
13:47:06: <waknuk> Thanks. I’ve also change -geometry 25x32 so I can see what’s going on a little better.
15:15:18: -!- waknuk has parted #corewars.
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16:16:26: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
16:17:49: <inversed> Hi Fizmo
16:19:03: <Fizmomaster> Hi inversed
16:19:55: <impomatic_> Hi Inversed, Fizmo :-)
16:20:27: <impomatic_> I'm only here for a moment. Will be around later.
16:22:52: <impomatic_> Tiny Tiny Bombers on the tiny hill is a version of David Moore's code from this post https://groups.google.com/forum/#!original/rec.games.corewar/LEhZn41CCN4/6R5XusYc1yMJ
16:22:57: <Fizmomaster> Hi John
16:24:20: <Fizmomaster> wow
16:25:07: <Fizmomaster> I was working just with default dwarfs
16:25:31: <Fizmomaster> I failed a bit to write a reasonable bomber
16:29:10: <impomatic_> Tiny Tiny Bombers isn't allowed in the tournament though. They're more like clears than stones.
17:07:37: <impomatic_> I think we need to send someone to sabotage Skybuck's Internet connection.
17:07:50: <impomatic_> I vote to send Fizmo, he's closest :-)
17:08:58: <inversed> Half of the usenet would be grateful :)
17:10:26: <inversed> Working on the challenge results page right now
17:11:37: <inversed> But I'll be asleep when the deadline passes, so the results will be uploaded tomorrow
17:13:26: <impomatic_> :-)
17:13:54: <impomatic_> Are you sending the entries to Koenigstuhl?
17:14:48: <inversed> Sure
17:15:35: <inversed> But I can hold some entries if you wish to improve them first
17:17:02: <impomatic_> Hmmm... I think my code is tidy enough, will just check.
17:21:43: <impomatic_> They're good enough I think. Code in columns, labels are informative, no redundant/unused labels/constants.
17:22:40: <impomatic_> I normally remove ;kill likes and make sure all values are < CORESIZE, but it doesn't matter.
17:23:28: <impomatic_> (;kill lines)
17:25:23: <impomatic_> I'll publish a new Tinywarrior later this month. Now that there's something to write about :-)
17:25:42: <impomatic_> I've been wanting to do one for a while, but there hasn't been much activity.
18:03:58: <inversed> I'll publish Synergy and Yukikaze shortly after the challenge
18:07:30: * impomatic_ is curious about Synergy
18:09:37: <inversed> Can't tell you before the challenge ends :)
18:13:27: <impomatic_> ;strategy Jmp-bomber with paper resistance technology
18:13:27: <impomatic_> ;strategy Defend while attacking, attack while defending
18:18:09: <inversed> That's a saying from Wing Chun
18:20:18: <impomatic_> Before I googled that I expected it to be an ancient Chinese author like Sun Tzu
18:32:26: * impomatic_ tries out some different jmp bombers
18:59:48: <inversed> I'll go watch the fireworks, see you tomorrow
18:59:55: -!- inversed has quit ().
19:00:03: * impomatic_ waves
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21:08:37: -!- waknuk has joined #corewars.
21:09:32: <impomatic> Hi Waknuk :-)
21:09:36: * waknuk has nothing to submit … looks forward to seeing the results
21:09:55: <impomatic> You've still got another 49 minutes to code something :-P
21:10:02: <waknuk> Tiny hill is even harder than I thought :)
21:10:38: <waknuk> True, but I’lm off now. Did you submit any enhancements today?
21:10:42: <impomatic> Very quick to optimize for.
21:10:58: <impomatic> No, no enhancements :-) I'm happy with the warriors as they are.
21:11:29: <waknuk> I don’t have an optimizer setup. I’ve tried optimax before but each time it takes ages to get going and been dissapointing
21:11:53: <waknuk> (because the ideas I’ve tried haven’t worked out well enough)
21:12:30: <waknuk> I’ve been trying to write a non-clone clone of Alladin’s cave, but no…
21:13:00: * waknuk waves
21:13:01: <impomatic> I don't use optimax. I use the tiny benchmark (the 10 year old one) and my old OPT.COM on Inversed's Randy to replace ! in a file with random numbers.
21:13:04: * impomatic waves
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