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14:17:58: <bvowk_> ..
14:53:41: <Doxin> ...
15:14:50: <impomatic_> ::
15:49:45: <bvowk_> How's it going guys?
15:50:20: <bvowk_> I made a bug in my evolver that eats memory, and since the phi cards only have ~30MB/thread, that's not working out so well for me.
15:53:48: <impomatic_> Are you sure the bug didn't just evolve?
15:54:28: <bvowk_> No, it's something I did.
15:55:21: <impomatic_> Aww :-( Would've been interesting news :-P
15:55:54: <bvowk_> indeed.
15:55:55: <impomatic_> "Artificial organism escapes from the confines of a virtual machine and wreaks havoc"
15:56:43: <bvowk_> especially bad since I make a lot of core clears!
15:57:54: <impomatic_> I just ordered a copy of Physica D which hopefully contains the paper about VENUS (the artificial life simulator based on Core War).
15:58:08: <impomatic_> I have a photocopy, but it'd be nice to see the screenshots in colour.
15:58:55: <impomatic_> I'm currently fixing some OCRed Core War text :-)
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21:54:11: <impomatic_> Hi Fizmo
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