02:06:12: -!- Plascencia has quit (Quit: Nadda).
02:17:01: -!- espressmojoe has joined #corewars.
11:02:55: <impomatic> Christian has a new rank 1 entry in the tiny stone challenge :-) http://inversed.ru/Tiny_Stone_Challenge.htm
13:59:05: <bvowk> nice.
14:07:03: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk :-)
14:07:11: <impomatic> SAL is still working nicely.
14:12:44: <impomatic> Roy has also sent a new entry, rank 3 :-)
14:34:43: <bvowk> yaay.
14:35:04: <bvowk> Although Joonas just told me I inherited the code with my updates yesterday :(
14:35:59: <impomatic> Does that mean you're now allowed to use the code to get rich?
14:50:46: <bvowk> I think if anyone would have figured out how to get rich off corewars by now, it'd have been you John ;)
14:50:56: <bvowk> No, he means that i don't get to pester him about fixing it.
15:51:38: <impomatic> Well I used to make enough from advertising on the website to cover the hosting, buying Core War related stuff, etc until Google decided to ban me :-/
15:52:28: <bvowk> why did google ban you?
15:53:59: <impomatic> They wouldn't tell me why.
15:54:05: <bvowk> lame.
15:55:58: <impomatic> I checked their T&C and I couldn't find a single one which I didn't meet. I appealed and also asked why and what I need to change. But they won't tell me why and I'm banned for life!
15:56:25: <impomatic> Apparently it happens a lot.
16:11:16: <bvowk> That is lame.
17:12:06: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
17:12:22: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
17:12:57: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo :-)
17:13:16: <Fizmomaster> Hi :-)
17:13:35: <Fizmomaster> my yesterday entry scored well :-)
17:14:36: <bvowk> Hey Fizzer :)
17:15:10: <Fizmomaster> hey bvowk :-)
17:15:54: <bvowk> I see the hill has been kind to you.
17:16:43: <impomatic> Fizmo: ICL seems to be halted.
17:16:54: <Fizmomaster> yes, sorry
17:17:59: <Fizmomaster> It will be continued in about a week
17:18:54: <Fizmomaster> I need also to doublecheck all new published warriors.
17:19:12: <impomatic> I think I emailed the tournament entries to you.
17:20:00: <Fizmomaster> yes, and I think I partly added them already
17:46:47: -!- Payhn has quit (*.net *.split).
17:46:47: -!- impomatic has quit (*.net *.split).
17:49:33: -!- Payhn has joined #corewars.
17:49:33: -!- impomatic has joined #corewars.
17:49:44: <Fizmomaster> welcome back :-)
17:51:03: <impomatic> Thanks!
17:52:20: <Fizmomaster> Koenigstuhl seems currently down
17:52:26: <Fizmomaster> I can't reach it anymore
17:53:19: <impomatic> Also down here, but was okay a couple of hours ago.
17:53:28: <impomatic> What are you after? I might have a copy here.
17:53:38: <Fizmomaster> I guess it will be back soon
17:54:03: <Fizmomaster> I wanted look into the zxc code
17:55:23: <Fizmomaster> I reached the lower right area and potentially reach the upper left area. Just want to get ideas for the upper right area of inversed challenge
17:57:07: <impomatic> decoy-maker -> bomber with real bombs -> spl/dat clear
17:57:45: <Fizmomaster> hmm, sd-clear
17:58:24: <Fizmomaster> you ever tried airbag stone for tiny?
17:59:38: <impomatic> Fizmo: http://corewar.co.uk/infitiny/HELLISHG.RED
18:00:21: <Fizmomaster> ;redcode-94x
18:00:29: <Fizmomaster> seems a while ago already, hehe
18:07:26: <impomatic> Probably written after Pizza closed but before SAL opened.
19:45:43: -!- espressmojoe is now known as Plascencia.
19:45:47: -!- Plascencia is now known as espressmojoe.
19:46:23: -!- espressmojoe is now known as Plascencia.
20:29:00: <Fizmomaster> sent another entry to the tiny hill
20:29:24: <Fizmomaster> quite optimistuc to enter the hill
20:32:45: <bvowk> looks like it just missed.
20:35:50: <Fizmomaster> ohh :-(
20:36:01: <bvowk> (sal is fast now!)
20:37:02: <Fizmomaster> scored 4 pts better than Lapidem Mortiferum
20:37:11: <Fizmomaster> on my benchmark
21:19:18: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
21:19:18: -!- Doxin has quit (Changing host).
21:19:18: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
21:20:56: -!- Fizmomaster has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 37.0.2/20150415140819]).
21:38:53: <impomatic> Thylacine in rank 3, another new entry in the tiny challenge :-)
23:21:56: -!- Doxin has quit (Remote host closed the connection).