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11:53:48: <impomatic> bvowk: I think I've broken SAL again :-(
12:58:49: -!- impomatic_ has joined #corewars.
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13:01:43: -!- impomatic_ is now known as impomatic.
17:12:37: <bvowk> It's not really your fault.
17:12:39: <bvowk> I think it'll work again.
17:24:01: <impomatic> Thanks, will send something now
17:28:46: <impomatic> Working again. Missed the hill by miles though.
17:30:10: <impomatic> Three of the oldest 4 tiny warriors are sitting at the bottom of the hill waiting to be bumped off.
17:35:34: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
17:35:48: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
17:36:55: <bvowk> Hey Fizzer.
17:37:02: <Fizmomaster> hey!
17:39:28: <bvowk> Glad the hill is working again Met.
17:40:00: <bvowk> I'm contemplating moving SAL out of the VM it's on to somewhere that the VM won't crash for reasons that aren't really clear.
17:40:56: <Fizmomaster> Oh really? SAL was running smooth the past days
17:42:10: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo :-)
17:43:46: * impomatic is currently having a serious website dilemma.
17:44:21: <impomatic> Whether or not to used st, nd, rd, th suffixes on the date :-)
17:44:44: <Fizmomaster> Hi Impomatic
17:45:22: <Fizmomaster> hmm
17:45:38: <Fizmomaster> I usually try to avod that, hehe
17:45:43: <Fizmomaster> avoid
17:47:11: <impomatic> I currently use them if the date is in a sentence, but leave them off if the date is in a list.
18:13:19: * impomatic is attempting to put a normal scanner on the tiny hill. No luck so far with HSA- and Blur-style scanners.
18:23:27: * Fizmomaster attempting now to try a vamp for the tiny hill
18:26:11: <Fizmomaster> ohh. Could it be that SAL crashed?
18:26:38: <Fizmomaster> after I sent my entry it won't load the tiny hill website
18:26:59: * Fizmomaster pokes bvowk
18:27:42: <Fizmomaster> website says "KOTH server is down (read error)
18:28:36: <impomatic> Good luck with the vamp. It's definitely possible... I've got Burning Desire on there at the moment.
18:29:52: <Fizmomaster> my one is quite bulky, so I won't expect to enter the hill
18:30:23: <impomatic> Did you see the published Tiny Nosferatu and Tiny Bloodlust?
18:31:45: <Fizmomaster> no
18:31:59: <Fizmomaster> are they on Koenigstuhl?
18:32:15: <impomatic> They should be. Both were briefly on the tiny hill.
18:33:14: <impomatic> They survived to age 5 and 11.
18:33:22: <Fizmomaster> ok, they look same bulky, hehe
18:35:35: <Fizmomaster> inversed paper benchmark is tougher than mine
18:36:01: <Fizmomaster> I score about 10 pts less
18:38:09: <impomatic> I'm not sure how mine compares. I just made one benchmark with 10 oneshots / 10 papers.
18:39:55: <Fizmomaster> Lapis Impus scored on my benchmark 122 pts and T-Stone 100 pts
18:48:47: <impomatic> fizmo: I think you killed SAL :-(
19:26:38: <bvowk> Sorry. I've been trying to migrate it.
19:29:36: -!- impomatic has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
19:55:02: -!- impomatic has joined #corewars.
21:01:23: -!- Fizmomaster has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 37.0.2/20150415140819]).
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