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14:49:05: * impomatic wonders who else is planning to enter the stone challenge :-)
15:01:32: <impomatic> New entries from Christian Schmidt and S. Fernandes today http://inversed.ru/Tiny_Stone_Challenge.htm
15:08:47: -!- Fizmomaster has joined #corewars.
15:08:54: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
15:13:58: -!- inversed has joined #corewars.
15:16:58: <impomatic> Hi Fizmo. Hi Inversed :-)
15:17:28: <impomatic> Fizmo: congratulations on 8th place on the tiny hill.
15:17:46: <inversed> Hi Fizmo, JM
15:17:49: <Fizmomaster> thanks
15:18:13: <Fizmomaster> I guess it's something unique
15:18:23: <impomatic> I'm hoping to publish a new tiny warrior after the tournament. Finally there will be something to write about :-)
15:18:54: <Fizmomaster> I'll send it to the stone challange tomorrow
15:19:27: <Fizmomaster> \challenge
15:19:43: <inversed> Manages to beat my evolved papers, quite an achievement
15:19:44: * impomatic wonders how Synergy would score in the challenge.
15:21:40: <inversed> It'd be rank-1 along with your warriors
15:24:09: * impomatic notices everyone else heading towards the bottom left of the graph and double checks the aim of the contest :-P
15:24:58: <inversed> ProTip: aim for the top right corner :)
15:25:35: <Fizmomaster> hmm, I was expecting T-Stone more in the area of zxc, as it showed in my benchmarks good scores against some papers
15:25:36: <impomatic> I was aiming there, but started to have doubts when I saw the other entries ;-)
15:26:33: <impomatic> Maybe everyone's saving their entries until last minute so I haven't got time to react and dominate them
15:28:21: <impomatic> Creeping Horror and Wraith are superfluous at the moment. If I can think of something interesting to enter to dominate the other three seed warriors I might switch one.
15:29:39: <Fizmomaster> hmm, I hope my current SAL entry will be left of your Creeping Horror, hehe
15:30:11: <Fizmomaster> upper left, hehe
15:31:46: <inversed> Bottom right sector remains unexplored
15:32:36: <inversed> There should be plenty of ways to write a tiny scan killer stone
15:33:00: <Fizmomaster> If the scanners warrior set contains oneshots, it might be difficult to reach
15:33:47: <Fizmomaster> hmm, I think I have an idea
15:45:26: <inversed> I'm working on a new version of my randry generator
15:46:34: * impomatic will try it out when it's ready :-)
15:46:36: <inversed> Any suggestions regarding possible modifications?
15:48:56: <impomatic> Hmmm... I'll try the current version again tonight. Maybe include a few sample config files. Also does it look in the current working directory for the config file / template file?
15:49:21: <Fizmomaster> I should try your randry generator. I'm currently working with optimax.
15:50:06: <inversed> Template can be anywhere, config in the current directory
15:51:40: <impomatic> I'm currently using OPT.COM which just replaces ! with a random number (which I have to run in DOSBox). I'd like to switch to Randy, not sure why I didn't.
15:52:20: <Fizmomaster> My son is currently writing on a C# version of optimax. For that he fixed all memory leakages of exmars to run it persistantly in the background
15:52:31: <impomatic> Maybe something I couldn't figure out. I'll check tonight.
15:53:23: <impomatic> By the way, I'm trying to collect every MARS (any language, any platform) so I'd be interested to see any you come across.
15:53:28: <inversed> Fizmo: literally the next generation of CoreWar :)
15:53:53: <inversed> Well, I wrote my own MARS in Pascal
15:54:09: <Fizmomaster> cool!
15:54:24: <inversed> My RedShift evolver uses it
15:54:52: <Fizmomaster> I wrote mine in freebasic
15:55:06: <inversed> But the code is not very clean by my current standarts, so I don't want to publish it until a major cleanup
15:55:56: <inversed> Does freebasic supports proper compilation?
15:56:05: <Fizmomaster> yes
15:56:32: <Fizmomaster> at least for windows and linux
15:56:51: <Fizmomaster> although it's a bit tricky to make the source code compatible for both
15:57:01: <impomatic> I've just added the Professional Core Wars System http://corewar.co.uk/pcws.htm
15:57:50: <impomatic> And also MADgic Core http://corewar.co.uk/madgiccore.htm (which was already available, but I've put it on a disk image to run in an emulator)
15:58:01: <Fizmomaster> Terry Newton was reviewing the Linux compatibility of my evolver
15:59:11: <impomatic> I need to figure out how to get MADgic v5.0b running. I'm not familiar with the Amiga.
16:00:43: <bvowk> hey Fizmo.
16:00:50: <Fizmomaster> hey!!!
16:00:58: <Fizmomaster> bvowk
16:01:03: <bvowk> How's it going? :)
16:01:05: <Fizmomaster> havn't seen you for ages
16:01:13: <Fizmomaster> I'm fine thanks, and you?
16:01:55: <bvowk> Pretty good. I've got no complaints :)
16:02:32: <Fizmomaster> @impomatic: There might be an Amiga emulator available for windows you could try.
16:07:41: <bvowk> Where are you these days Fizzer?
16:09:46: <Fizmomaster> since yesterday I'm back at home
16:10:08: <Fizmomaster> just returned from a three weeks business trip to Aisa
16:14:58: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk :-)
16:15:21: <bvowk> How's it going imp? :)
16:16:44: <impomatic> Fizmomaster: I'm using WinUAE which works pretty well. The MADgic Core and PCWS disk images work fine. I've just got the Unicorn Systems MARS up and running.
16:21:11: -!- inversed has quit ().
20:01:17: -!- Fizmomaster has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 37.0.2/20150415140819]).
22:06:48: <Doxin> for those interested: spaceX launch is holding at T minus 20 minutes, there's a 90 minute window to wait for the weather to clear.
22:23:38: * impomatic is interested. Where are you getting the updates?
22:31:56: <Doxin> impomatic: the webcast mostly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBwAYT_ogj4
22:32:05: <Doxin> impomatic: there might be an opening in the weather in 23 minute
22:34:00: <Doxin> whoop, clock resumed.
22:40:20: <Doxin> impomatic: it's exciting stuff