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14:34:10: <impomatic> The Epitech Core War event looks pretty cool (although it's not actually Core War they're playing, it's a different programming challenge)
14:34:11: <impomatic> http://imgur.com/lVRbWkF
14:44:57: <bvowk> How's things Imp?
14:47:45: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk
14:48:23: * impomatic is trying to get some Amiga MARS up and running so I can get screenshots and make a disk image :-)
14:51:00: <bvowk> nice.
14:53:19: <impomatic> Part of my quest to collect every version I can find of every MARS :-)
14:54:55: <bvowk> It's a noble quest.
14:56:54: <impomatic> I'm trying to make a page similar to this for each one http://corewar.co.uk/corewarbs.htm
14:57:02: <impomatic> (even non-English MARS)
14:58:12: <bvowk> That's a nice mars.
15:03:41: <impomatic> I'm struggling to compile a few of the older ones for DOS (e.g. Core Wars Deluxe).
15:04:54: <bvowk> What's the problem?
15:12:39: <impomatic> Multiple errors. The original probably compiled on a weird compiler. Might try on a Raspberry Pi just to grab a screenshot.
15:17:54: <bvowk> prolly.
15:18:20: <bvowk> You're not using dosbox? You can take screenshots there.
15:24:09: <impomatic> I can't get a binary at all. :-(
15:24:43: <impomatic> LOL at the first error "*** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?)."
15:26:11: <bvowk> heh
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