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16:31:43: <inversed> Hi impomatic
16:41:39: <impomatic> Hi Inversed :-)
16:41:53: <impomatic> I'm only here briefly, but will be back later.
16:49:32: <inversed> Well, me too
16:51:06: <inversed> Got any more ideas regarding the upcoming contest?
16:51:45: <inversed> Planning to launch it today or tomorrow
16:53:22: <impomatic> Most of the ideas I have are for possible entries :-D
16:54:08: <inversed> That's nice to hear
16:54:33: <impomatic> I'll probably write up to 10 different warriors and submit whichever scores best.
16:55:37: <inversed> With two different scores there may be no warrior that scores best
16:56:33: <inversed> Rather there is a Pareto frontier of non-dominant points
16:58:23: <inversed> I can increase max different entries to 4 if you're so enthusiastic
17:01:24: <impomatic> Well I'd enter four, but I wouldn't want the max entries to discourage anyone.
17:06:28: <inversed> On second thought, I'll leave it at 3
17:06:51: <inversed> You could submit all 10 entries in sequence by replacing the old ones
17:07:22: <inversed> Then just pick 3 entries you like best at the end
17:09:46: <inversed> Got to go now, see you
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