03:25:06: -!- matt_5446 has joined #corewars.
03:54:00: <matt_5446> woah, people still battling core warriors??
03:54:06: <matt_5446> Is anyone on here?
05:10:56: -!- Doxin has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
06:16:34: <impomatic> Hi matt_5446 :-)
06:48:10: <waknuk> Hi impomatic. I’m using that spacing technique on the 88 hill.
07:05:56: <impomatic> I want to use it, but I haven't got anything to use it in at the moment.
07:06:22: <impomatic> You could even use mov <4000, 0 for a few free decrements :-)
08:22:47: -!- waknuk has quit (Quit: waknuk).
09:03:40: -!- waknuk has joined #corewars.
09:04:09: <waknuk> I use the decrement to trigger end-of-scan phase.
09:04:37: <waknuk> In ICWS Im booting so can space at will although it’s a little more complicated.
10:27:44: <impomatic> Whoops... that wasn't supposed to enter the hill!
11:58:05: <matt_5446> impomatic, hello!
12:01:12: <impomatic> Matt_5446: are you new to Core War? :-)
12:02:50: <matt_5446> impomatic, well.. I wouldn't say new.. though in a way I am.. it's been years since I've played around with it, but I never got to in depth with it..
12:03:01: <matt_5446> for example, I never submitted a program to KOTH
12:03:44: <impomatic> You should try, just to see how well it does
12:04:13: <matt_5446> I just might.. it's good to talk to a real person that actually has heard of it..
12:04:17: <impomatic> There's also a hill for new players at http://sal.discontinuity.info
12:04:56: <impomatic> There's a tournament later the year, so you need to get some practice in :-P
12:11:34: <matt_5446> Haha I suppose so.
12:11:46: <matt_5446> I'll have to read up on strategy
12:12:18: <matt_5446> Have you ever heard of a game called RoboCom?
12:23:57: <impomatic> Yes, never played it though.
12:24:19: <impomatic> But I've just found the Android verion, might install it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CubesTeam.RoboCom
12:25:45: <impomatic> I thought there was an old version for Windows but I can't see it now.
12:41:35: <matt_5446> wow!
12:42:00: <matt_5446> I had no idea there was an Android game! (Although that 3d image looks foreign to me)
12:42:18: <matt_5446> I remember the old windows version (it took place on a 2d grid)
12:42:32: <matt_5446> It's actually how I came to discover CoreWars
12:43:02: <matt_5446> Core Wars supposedly was the inspiration for RoboCom
12:43:46: <matt_5446> this site was where it was: http://robocom.rrobek.de/
12:44:06: <matt_5446> but the links have been broken for ages.
12:44:40: <matt_5446> though, I think I was able to get files / info using archive.org's wayback machine
12:46:28: <impomatic> Hmmm... I might put a mirror up of that when I get chance.
12:46:46: <impomatic> Too many websites disappear without trace :-(
12:48:28: <matt_5446> Oh wait!!! It is mysteriously back!!
12:49:06: <matt_5446> I might give it a try (in Virtual Box, since I'm on Linux)
12:49:34: <matt_5446> btw, what Redcode interpretter (is that what they're called?) do you use?
12:49:39: <matt_5446> Any recommendations?
12:53:41: <impomatic> pMARS, CoreWin or ARES. You'll find it easier to get help if you're using the first two.
12:53:59: <impomatic> http://corewar.co.uk/corewin.htm
12:54:13: <impomatic> http://corewar.co.uk/pmars/
12:54:25: <impomatic> http://corewar.co.uk/ares.htm
12:56:53: <matt_5446> ah... Corewin is the one I remember
12:56:55: <impomatic> I'm looking into some of the older programming games and trying them out.
12:57:24: <impomatic> At the moment I'm searching for Robot Arena on the Research Machines 380Z. No information online :-(
13:01:22: <matt_5446> This was a pretty interesting "game": https://archive.org/details/EvolveLite_1020
13:09:56: <impomatic> I'll try that later. I just downloaded it but can't see any docs.
13:10:12: <impomatic> Is it similar to artificial life simulators (Tierra, Avida, etc)
13:38:18: <matt_5446> I guess? though I can't say for sure, since I never used those ones
13:38:44: <matt_5446> basically, you can give some parameters to "organisms" that control how they behave..
13:39:02: <matt_5446> in the presence of different numbers of friends or foes
13:39:10: <matt_5446> and you can set mutation rates..
13:39:31: <matt_5446> and eventually, they creatures (the size of pixels) will evolve
13:40:11: <matt_5446> but Robocom is definitely worth playing around with if you like Corewars..
13:57:30: <impomatic> Not quite the same as Tierra. Instead of parameters, the organism is actually a program.
13:58:35: <impomatic> Here's an example (CoreLife is compatible with Tierra) http://www.retroprogramming.com/2011/01/corelife-artificial-life-simulator.html
14:08:42: <matt_5446> wow, that looks interesting! actually, looks a bit more like corewars. Evolve lite was very different from that. But still a novel concept.
14:09:20: <matt_5446> here's a programming game you may find interesting (maybe you've already heard of it): http://robocode.sourceforge.net/
14:09:52: <matt_5446> I thought it was a cool idea when I stumbled upon it years ago, but I didn't know Java then.
14:10:12: <matt_5446> I wonder how well I'd do with it now with a little bit of experience
14:21:31: <impomatic> I'm no good at Java :-(
14:59:16: <bvowk> not being good at java is a plus ;)
15:02:09: <impomatic> Hi Bvowk :-)
15:02:25: <impomatic> Is you're evolver still making good progress on tiny?
15:02:28: <bvowk> how's it going? :)
15:02:35: <bvowk> yeah.. it's still rollinig along.
15:02:48: <impomatic> Fine thanks. I'm just adding some new bits to the website :-)
15:03:09: <bvowk> I had to make some tweaks to it yesterday because the Phi cards were churning results too fast for the database to keep up with all the threads.
15:03:52: <impomatic> How many cores have you got working on it?
15:04:14: <bvowk> about 2000 :)
15:04:35: <bvowk> give or take.
15:05:03: <bvowk> But that's not a great way to measure, since the phi's have a ton of cores, but they're not so powerful.
15:05:31: <bvowk> They also work *WAY* better on nano than tiniy.
15:05:37: <bvowk> by a factor of 10 or so.
15:07:03: <bvowk> (and that should be threads and not cores too!)
15:07:36: <impomatic> Have you ever tried evolving at a small coresize to get a soup of reasonable warriors then bumping the coresize up and continuing to evolve them for the larger coresize?
15:07:45: <bvowk> the Phi's have ~57 cores, but run 228 corewars threads at close to full speed.
15:08:32: <bvowk> That's not one I have tried.
15:08:54: <bvowk> Although I did try seeding tiny with a haul from nano, but it didn't do so well.
15:10:28: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
15:10:29: <bvowk> I might try doing the quick validation in a tiny core size tho.
15:10:43: <bvowk> That is mostly checking to see that they don't just die, and aren't imps
15:10:59: <bvowk> No reason that couldn't be way faster and still do it's job.
15:11:20: <bvowk> You're always full of good ideas John.
15:18:55: <impomatic> :-D
17:12:07: <bvowk> ...
17:27:50: <impomatic> :::
17:34:16: <impomatic> The vampire page is more or less done http://corewar.co.uk/vampire.htm
19:27:48: -!- sanooj has joined #corewars.
19:30:21: <impomatic> Hi sanooj :-)
19:32:12: <sanooj> hey
19:32:23: <sanooj> sorry, I've forgotten all the handlesw
19:32:32: <impomatic> How's it going? :-)
19:32:45: <sanooj> I'll know you by your warriors pre 2008 ;)
19:33:00: <sanooj> man it's been a long time.
19:33:17: <impomatic> Well Waknuk is the author of Toxic Spirit :-)
19:33:38: <sanooj> aha.
19:33:39: <impomatic> I'm the author of Uninvited
19:33:57: <sanooj> hey!
19:34:01: <sanooj> I was just looking for you
19:34:27: <impomatic> Bvowk is the author of Machines Will Rule
19:34:45: <impomatic> And Johnkw wrote Return of the Jedimp
19:34:48: <sanooj> right, I remember him. some vague corewar evolver hippie
19:34:49: <impomatic> :-P
19:34:58: <impomatic> LOL
19:35:02: <bvowk> Hippie?
19:35:14: <bvowk> I'm not even a hipster :(
19:35:58: <bvowk> Although I was being mistaken for a hipster for a while so I had to shave the beard.
19:36:25: <sanooj> omg. totally bald all over.
19:36:34: <sanooj> that's a scary thought
19:41:52: <bvowk> what on earth are you talking about?
19:42:35: <bvowk> I just got rid of the bushy lumberjack beard. I didn't go clean shaven.
19:43:16: <bvowk> More like I went from Big Beard Riker (TM) to regular Riker (TM)
19:43:32: <sanooj> yeah, good choice. you need to preserve all the natural resources you got
19:46:55: <bvowk> wait.. is MWR pre-2008?
19:47:13: <bvowk> Man I'm old.
19:48:15: <impomatic> It's time you cracked the 94nop hill again :-P
19:48:34: <sanooj> sort of got side tracked with the mw hill
19:55:21: <sanooj> impomatic: you reading your msgs? there's something I wanted to talk to you about
19:56:33: <impomatic> sanooj: yes, I've had 5 messages come through so far and I've been replying. Maybe something isn't working right?
19:56:41: <sanooj> I'm not seeing any replies
19:57:51: <impomatic> sanooj: I've just tried again.
19:58:12: <sanooj> yeah nothing
19:58:15: <sanooj> one moment
19:58:35: -!- waknuk has quit (Quit: waknuk).
19:58:36: -!- sanooj is now known as kdsnhea.
19:58:44: <kdsnhea> can you try now?
20:01:48: <impomatic> back in a moment
20:02:01: <kdsnhea> apparently someone else called sanooj is getting your messages
20:02:07: <kdsnhea> they must be confused. :)
20:04:06: <impomatic> They didn't appear to reply. Maybe someone else called impomatic is receiving those!
20:08:44: * impomatic is currently working on a big website update http://corewar.co.uk
20:22:54: <kdsnhea> nice, sorry I gotta go it's pretty late
20:22:58: <kdsnhea> cya in a few years
20:23:06: * kdsnhea waves at waknuk and bvowk
20:23:11: <kdsnhea> and everyone else present
20:23:13: -!- kdsnhea has quit (Quit: leaving).
23:03:46: <matt_5446> maybe a dumb question: what is the name of this: mov 0, 2 move 0, 2
23:05:05: <matt_5446> is that still called an imp?
23:28:19: <impomatic> Yes, still an imp.