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10:10:58: <impomatic> Hi Waknuk :-)
10:11:40: <waknuk> Hi Impomatic - forgot I was logged in - day off today
10:11:59: <impomatic> Oh :-) Any special plans?
10:12:25: <waknuk> (plumber)
10:12:55: <impomatic> :-(
10:13:11: <waknuk> Was trying to get my wife to appreciate the name “Aggression is a switch”. No success.
10:13:47: <waknuk> Are you working today?
10:14:56: <impomatic> Yes, working, looking after the children and trying to do a bit of Core War stuff!
10:19:40: <waknuk> I might try to move up the ICWS hill a bit later. The -r 250 adds much randomness to the results.
10:20:24: * waknuk feels bad about knocking sIMPly.Red off it
10:21:23: <impomatic> If you want any of my ICWS warriors to benchmark against just let me know :-)
10:23:01: <waknuk> Hmm. I’m using (roughly) the top 50 from the K-HILL but it’s strategies are old/limited.
10:24:06: <waknuk> I think it’s ok though - if I start tryign to benchmark against real hil warriors I’ll end-up tweaking too much. I like to try for intrinsically better improvements. Although often what I think should be better turns out not to be.
10:27:14: <impomatic> I have the same problem. Something should be an improvement in theory but scores worse :-(
10:34:34: <impomatic> I've got a copy of Robot Battle in the post :-)
10:34:50: <impomatic> That's another programming game ticked off the list.
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13:49:16: <impomatic> Hmmm... if you only need a few dat 0,0 spacers in '88 you could do it this way:
13:49:25: <impomatic> clear spl
13:49:27: <impomatic> mov
13:49:28: <impomatic> mov
13:49:30: <impomatic> djn
13:49:32: <impomatic> start mov 4000,0 ; copy a dat 0,0 here
13:49:33: <impomatic> mov 4000,0 ; and here
13:49:34: <impomatic> mov 4000,0 ; and here
13:49:36: <impomatic> scan add
13:49:38: <impomatic> cmp
13:49:39: <impomatic> jmp
13:49:41: <impomatic> jmp
15:22:46: <bvowk> hrm.
15:23:46: <bvowk> I thought I had something good for tiny, but it doesn't score so well on the full K.
15:23:51: <bvowk> Soon.
16:00:53: <impomatic> bvowk: you could try it on the hill anyway :-P
16:02:59: <impomatic> Hopefully you'll push a few of Inversed's warriors out of the top 10. He's got 7 of the top 8 ranks :-(
16:10:46: <bvowk> I could. But it's moving forward quickly.
16:44:30: <impomatic> You'll probably see a significant jump in the scores if you choose a decent name this time :-P
16:53:40: <impomatic> bvowk: working on a big update :-) http://corewar.co.uk/
17:23:44: <bvowk> I didn't know about newtons hills