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12:01:58: <impomatic> Agony 5.1 entered the hill on this day in 1993 http://corewar.co.uk/agony51.htm :-)
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17:41:28: <bvowk> Don't you mean the nop on K? :)
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21:44:00: -!- waknuk has joined #corewars.
21:44:36: <waknuk> hrm. bvowk … is there a password reset for the Sal hills (#20) ?
21:56:49: <impomatic> Hi waknuk
21:57:05: <waknuk> Hi impomatic
21:57:22: <impomatic> Have you looked in the help file? http://sal.discontinuity.info/help.html
21:57:32: <waknuk> It looks like inversed has sparked some interest in 94nop with his nice scanner article
21:57:34: <impomatic> I managed to reset mine ages ago.
21:58:02: <waknuk> I opened it but thought it was about submissions. Wil look again
21:58:06: <impomatic> I've tried the .75c Agony style scanner that Inversed mentioned might work.
21:58:18: <impomatic> It just entered the bottom of the hill.
21:58:49: <waknuk> I’m stuck with 88 style at present. Having an annoying time with a decoy
21:59:23: <waknuk> driverzx is a new (to me) name
22:00:43: <waknuk> Also been looking at inversed’s corewar page / hill ordering
22:01:42: <waknuk> Is it ‘grungy’ you speak of?
22:01:55: <impomatic> driverzx was submitting warriors a couple of years ago (using anonymous).
22:02:10: <impomatic> I invited him to the tournaments, but didn't get a reply.
22:02:32: <impomatic> Yes, grungy was the .75c Agony.
22:03:00: <impomatic> The switching doesn't work very well.
22:03:01: <waknuk> Kline got to it :)
22:03:39: <impomatic> Oh, didn't notice that yet :-)
22:04:28: <impomatic> I've just started the redesign of the main pages of http://corewar.co.uk :-)
22:05:46: <waknuk> Ah, I see - different
22:06:14: <impomatic> You might need to CTRL-F5 to get the new CSS file.
22:06:27: <waknuk> I rediscovered exmars recently - it’s so nice to have the speed boost
22:07:41: <impomatic> The "access the old site" and menus will go when I've finished and I'll fill that column with news items.
22:08:12: <waknuk> I’d forgotten your 404 message. Still like it.
22:08:47: <impomatic> I need to make the 404 page more useful though. :-)
22:09:06: <impomatic> Hopefully by the time I'm done you won't see the 404 very often.
22:09:37: <impomatic> If there's no current news for the news column, I'll post the occasional update like "Agony 5.1 entered the hill on this day in 1993."
22:10:03: <waknuk> I hope you can leave some deliberate 404’s
22:10:38: <waknuk> Hmm, you could have a whole warrior of such links. e.g. an imp would point back to itself
22:11:27: <impomatic> I'll try to include a few easter eggs to discover on the site :-)
22:11:35: <impomatic> http://corewar.co.uk/robots.txt
22:11:41: <waknuk> The new site looks good so far - cleaner. Well, maybe just good / different.
22:12:28: <waknuk> Nice but now I have to Google JohnnyFive
22:12:44: <impomatic> :-)
22:13:09: <impomatic> I need to get rid of that "old site" section from the homepage. It's making it look ugly.
22:14:05: <waknuk> The menus will go? What will replace them? e.g. Periodicals
22:14:50: <waknuk> The film sounds similar to a book I read - Rats From Nimh
22:16:15: <waknuk> I managed to change my Sal passowrd pre the Help, thank-you
22:16:50: <impomatic> All of the old content will be linked in somewhere. Periodicals will definitely have a link from the home page.
22:17:30: <impomatic> But things like tiny hill / nano hill / hill logs will be linked from the hills page.
22:18:30: <impomatic> They're not being de-emphasised or anything. I'll be adding a page for every hill (including the closed hills).
22:19:16: <waknuk> Like Pizza and maybe Lukaz’s (spelling)
22:20:18: <impomatic> Yes, and the two Intel hills.
22:20:44: <waknuk> Way back then.
22:20:51: <impomatic> And the hills which didn't last long like the Pizza small hill (coresize 4096).
22:21:20: <waknuk> Are the SAL hills all ICWS94? e.g. the Tourney hill. I’ve been thinking recently that it would be nice with 94.
22:22:27: <impomatic> Yes, all 94. One has read/write limits, but apart from that standard 94.
22:23:00: <impomatic> I'm almost done with the imps page. http://corewar.co.uk/imp.htm
22:23:13: <waknuk> I find ‘spacing’ hard in ’88 as dat #0,#0 is visible.
22:23:35: <impomatic> I just need to add gate busting imps and a list of further reading.
22:24:10: <impomatic> I don't like having to boot stuff just to get the spacing right :-( It makes the code harder to understand.
22:24:44: <impomatic> I try to write clean easy to understand code. I've even stopped including things like decrement protection.
22:25:19: <waknuk> I have a problem at present: booted oneshot beats (same) booted oneshot which leaves 300 line decoy.
22:26:21: <impomatic> Hmmm... regardless of boot distance?
22:26:25: <waknuk> Put another way adding a decoy to my oneshot made it worse.
22:27:01: <waknuk> No, that’s not proven - I haven’t been changing boot distance. I simplified the above as I’m testing vs 50 warriors.
22:28:48: <waknuk> Maybe I did choose a bad number. I try to get ebverythign working nice before changing the constants
22:29:33: <impomatic> Maybe it's triggering on the decoy too soon
22:31:22: <waknuk> I checked that - it looses approx 5 scans (less if I mirror) but I force it stop early where I want it to start
22:31:55: <waknuk> I don’t like spending time clearing my own decoy if my scan finds nothing
22:35:28: <waknuk> I see, it is very sensitive to boot distance
22:36:28: <waknuk> The imp page is nice and clear.
22:37:09: <waknuk> Perhaps yopu could add something about imp numbers? cdb m imp-number
22:51:03: * waknuk waves
22:51:05: -!- waknuk has parted #corewars.
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23:33:10: <impomatic> Starting to look a bit better? http://corewar.co.uk/index.htm
23:37:46: <Doxin> looks nice
23:40:30: <impomatic> Thanks. It was looking a bit dated.