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08:13:27: <leshall> hi, is anyone awake?
08:16:11: <leshall> i just looked at your logs and i see you asked for a link
08:16:26: <leshall> so far it's very early stage and the only link is a hackaday project
08:16:30: <leshall> i will go get that now
08:18:49: <leshall> https://hackaday.io/project/4858-circuit-wars
08:19:06: <leshall> basically you take a breadboard and that is the battlefield
08:19:51: <leshall> two players are given a small set of components and they use a chess clock at 16 or 30 minutes each
08:20:04: <leshall> the chess clock may be a phone app of course these days
08:20:40: <leshall> players take turns placing and perhps relocating parts at a cost of one move each
08:21:07: <leshall> when time runs out for both players, power is applied
08:21:48: <leshall> things commence and speakers used as inductors make sound, LEDs light up and/or blink, and chips (microcontrollers) die a valiant death
08:22:27: <leshall> then after a time the referee monitors the activity levl of both circits as evaluated by a current meter on each person's power supply
08:22:54: <leshall> the one with the most activity as determined by FFT components wins and advances to the next round
08:23:07: <leshall> there are the usual sponsors, prizes, and entry fees.
08:23:45: <leshall> the game may be played remotely with careful use of the letter-number grid notation and honest clock usage
08:24:20: <leshall> the game may also be played by simulator
08:24:54: <leshall> the proposed processor for this is the ATtiny85 8-pin DIP for it's small size and low cost
08:28:00: <leshall> i am hoping to promote the game somehow as it is inspiring to me and well, it just "feels right" if you know what i mean
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11:54:36: * waknuk Didn’t expect to be spending so much time on Hackerday today
13:16:30: -!- waknuk has parted #corewars.
13:42:54: -!- impomatic has joined #corewars.
14:34:08: -!- leshall has joined #corewars.
14:39:15: <impomatic> Hi :-)
14:40:28: <leshall> well hi! :)
14:40:46: <impomatic> Hi leshall
14:40:59: <leshall> nice to meet you impomatic
14:41:17: <impomatic> You too :-) Are you new to Core War?
14:41:21: <leshall> yes
14:41:33: <leshall> i am proposing Circuit Wars
14:41:48: <leshall> or perhaps Circuit War without the 's'
14:41:59: <impomatic> Ah, you mentioned that yesterday I think, but you'd already left before I could ask about it.
14:42:14: <leshall> i left details in the logs
14:42:16: <impomatic> Is there a webpage yet?
14:42:32: <leshall> and a link. there is only a hackaday project page so far
14:42:43: <leshall> i was going to work on a web page today
14:43:14: <leshall> and i'm hoping to get reaction and advice from veteran Core War fans
14:43:52: <leshall> i also have a question about Core War strategy
14:46:01: <impomatic> Just reading about it. It sounds like a lot of fun, but perhaps beyond my electronics skills.
14:46:27: <impomatic> Can I mention it on the Core War twitter feed, etc?
14:46:32: <leshall> yes, fun and yes, takes electronics and firmware skills, might be good for teams too
14:46:39: <leshall> oh please do!
14:46:58: <impomatic> What would you like to know about Core War strategy?
14:47:22: <leshall> well, i know very little of Core War yet i have wondered about one particular strategy
14:47:37: <leshall> the programs are in assembly language
14:47:57: <leshall> and the programs can be short
14:48:20: <leshall> so one could make a "gene code" which encapsulated the program's description in a byte or word
14:49:07: <leshall> then replication would be far faster because you'd just have two elements: the gene code and the unzipper, or just one: the self-extracting zip of the code
14:53:54: <impomatic> Core War programs are about 10 instructions long on average (each instruction contains two addresses so there's about 0.5 trillion possible combinations for each instruction)
14:54:23: <impomatic> The unzipper would be longer than the actual program unless you're proposing a new variant of Core War.
14:54:57: <leshall> so then it would be easier to kill the unzipper?
14:55:58: <leshall> i would stick with standard Core War
14:56:00: <impomatic> Yes. Also decompressing something would be slower than copying something.
14:56:31: <leshall> how about some trick of math, like the addresses are part of a psweidorandom sequence or something?
14:56:43: <leshall> i'm sure in 29 years it's all been tried though
14:56:53: <leshall> wait 31 years
14:57:06: * leshall kicks subraction unit
14:57:18: <impomatic> A typical loop for copying x instructions takes 2x cycles.
15:06:03: <leshall> sorry didn't follow the implication of that, but I'm sure it's clear to someone more aware. I guess I need to just read the basics and stuff.
15:08:37: <impomatic> I just mean if you can copy something that's 10 instructions long in 20 cycles, that's going to be a lot quicker than decompressing 10 instructions.
15:09:25: <leshall> oh i see
15:15:44: <impomatic> Okay, posted Circuit Wars on the twitter, Google+ and Facebook feeds :-)
15:16:02: <leshall> woohoo!
15:16:17: <leshall> thank you very much impomatic
15:17:06: <leshall> so anyone who has an interest or wants to learn more can get to me right?
15:19:17: <impomatic> Yes, I included the link on the posts.
15:19:26: <leshall> ta-da!
15:19:50: <leshall> that must reach a humongous number of people!
15:21:52: <impomatic> It depends who happens to be looking at the right moment.
15:22:16: <impomatic> Otherwise it's scrolled down the feed before it gets noticed.
15:22:40: <leshall> ah, well i would be happy if even just one person showed interest - then i'd have someone to play!
15:23:04: <impomatic> I posted it here on Google+ https://plus.google.com/communities/101859912267916589668
15:23:22: <impomatic> Here on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=862922860436386&id=406270382768305
15:23:48: <impomatic> And here on Twitter https://twitter.com/xcorewar
15:24:56: <leshall> ok i added all three!
15:26:49: <impomatic> Hopefully I'll get a newsfeed on my website soon, but I can't add it there yet.
15:27:00: <impomatic> It's going through a major rewrite :-D
15:27:29: <leshall> you must really like the idea?
15:27:46: <leshall> what do you think of it?
15:28:05: <leshall> it just feels so "right" to me for some reason
15:28:31: <leshall> of course, my experience base is particularly suitied for the game
15:29:33: <impomatic> I like the idea. But I'm not sure how practical or how much variety there will be.
15:29:55: <leshall> yes there needs to be variety!
15:30:07: <leshall> inductive spikes can be made only so many ways
15:30:30: <leshall> and attempts to defend only so varied
15:30:49: <leshall> yet there are other strategies
15:31:29: <leshall> i should list some strategies
15:31:37: <impomatic> I don't know enough to be able to play it, but I would definitely read a write up of any battles that take place.
15:31:57: <leshall> oh i see, write up the battles- yes!
15:38:14: <leshall> time for a nap
15:38:22: <leshall> ty for the postings and for your time
15:38:55: <impomatic> No problem.
15:39:04: <impomatic> I'll be back later :-)
15:39:15: <leshall> ok!
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